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5 More Skills That Will Make You A Millionaire In 2022 [Learn These To Be Rich]

5 More Skills That Will Make You A Millionaire In 2022  [Learn These To Be Rich]
5 More Skills That Will Make You A Millionaire In 2022

People are paid in proportion to the value they bring to the table.

While someone who works in McDonald's might receive $10 per hour, a millionaire might get paid $200 per hour.

The reason being is that anyone can work at McDonald's - the skills required for this job are easy to find, making the people who work them fungible.

However, the skills of a millionaire might be much harder to come across, and much more valuable too.

Millionaires possess specific skills and traits that push them far beyond the normal, everyday individual.

They spend years mastering their craft, refining their ability to perform those skills.

Not long ago, I talked about the top 5 skills you can learn to become a millionaire - skills many millionaires might already have.

These are skills that others are not taught through ordinary education, or don't spend the time and effort to learn in their own, free time.

The surprising thing is that these skills are much easier to learn than one might think - they're not impossible to learn, the people who possess said skills aren't gifted, they're simply motivated.

All it takes is a little dedication to find the right information on the internet, and start learning it.

In this article, we're discussing 5 more skills that will make you a millionaire in 2022. Learning these skills will make you rich.

Let's begin!

Digital marketing

Marketing is an invaluable skill, no matter where you work or who you are.

If you're interested in starting a business, NFT project, or even a small YouTube channel, you need to know how to market yourself, and how to get in front of the right people.

For a long time, I struggled to build a successful business, not because I lacked the technical ability to do so, but because I didn't understand marketing, and how it works.

With the help of the internet, we have more ways to market ourselves than ever before - we're no longer stuck with door-to-door knocking or cold calling - there are scalable ways to reach your audience, even on a budget.

One of the most effective ways to reach a large number of people is through paid advertising.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google
  • YouTube

These are only some of the many platforms you can choose to market your products or services on - they're the largest platforms on the internet making them the best place to reach volumes of people, quickly.

There's currently a craze in the NFT space - normal people are seeing a massive opportunity, and starting their own collections.

However, many of these small teams don't understand anything about marketing.

I had the chance to speak to an NFT marketing agency, and they told me that they charge $35,000 upfront, with 10% of initial minting sales after the project too.

Assuming that an NFT project mints $2,000,000 worth of NFTs, that means your total payout as an agency is $235,000, almost a quarter of a million from one client, in the space of a few weeks to two months.

Not only is marketing crucial for your own business or brand, it's important for everyone else too, giving you the chance to start a marketing agency.

You can choose between paid advertising, SEO, influencer/social media marketing, and more.

Start to learn all about marketing as soon as possible - if there's one skill you should take away from this article, it's marketing.

Website building/no-code

There are still hundreds, maybe even thousands of brick and mortar businesses who do not own an online website, never mind having an online presence.

However, as more and more businesses start to become digital, there's an opportunity for people to step in and help them seamlessly make the jump.

Having a website is crucial to the success of a business online - Google is the largest search engine in the world, making it a great place to find what you're looking for.

If you don't have a website, you're missing out on thousands, or even up to millions of visits to your product or services.

That's why learning how to build websites via no-code tools like Wix and WordPress is important - there will always be people looking for you to help them build websites.

You can start on platforms like Fiverr or Upwork, and work your way up into an agency-style business.

On Fiverr, you're still able to receive large orders, worth thousands of dollars.

While we've been able to build websites with virtually no code for a while, what if I told you you're able to build a software business without code too?

Not long ago, I ran a SaaS (software as a service) prospecting company which I built with no code.

Within my first month, I managed to earn over $1500 in revenue, which stayed the same the following month.

Before I built my SaaS company, I spoke to development companies to get a quote on the software I was planning to build.

I was quoted around $30,000-$50,000, meaning I saved myself heaps of cash, using no-code tools.

Do you see the opportunity?

There are tons of people looking to start software businesses but don't have the cash or skillset to do so through traditional coding.

Learning how to use no-code tools like Bubble, the one I used for Hawk Prospecting, can make you a millionaire.

Not only can you save people money by building functional software solutions without the code, you're also able to save them a ton of time, as coding requires a lot of time and testing.

Whether you build websites, funnels, or no-code software solutions, you're able to charge clients thousands of dollars per project or more.

Don't miss out on this opportunity.

Digital art

As NFTs grow in popularity, more and more people will be looking for artists to help them work on their NFT collections.

At The Crypto Apes Club, we've hired a very talented pixel/8-bit artist to help us with our collection's artwork.

While we did find someone who fits within our strict budget, we did receive other offers around $30,000+ for the whole project.

If you're an artist or someone who's creative, there's no better time than now to take that digital.

Digital artists will, without question, become the next millionaires, helping more and more people bring their imagination to life, through digital art.

Last year, the world was caught by surprise when a digital artist, Beeple, sold one of his most famous paintings for $69 million.

Earlier this year, however, that world record was broken by a painting that sold for $91 million by an artist who no one knows by their real identity.

You're able to build an online following, a portfolio on Instagram or other social media platforms, where you share the artwork you create.

Beeple started creating art over a decade ago and has cultivated the skill through years of practice, patience, and passion. 

While the work he created within his first year might have been questionable, it's unmistakable today, that Beeple is one of the greatest digital artists.

You don't need to be born an artist, you can build the skill like you can with any other skill.

If creating your own art doesn't float your boat, you're able to create art for others - as I've mentioned already, this skill is high in demand, and people are paying tons of money for talented artists.

Public relations

Public relations is the business of managing a business's, organization's, or individual's public image to influence their public perception.

In Leyman's terms, it's the process of putting people or businesses in the right places to get them positive attention.

For example, if you're a business coach, you can have articles or interviews published about you on large online sources or magazines like Entrepreneur or Forbes.

Public relations is a great marketing strategy, as it can help you build trust and appear in front of a large group of people who are in your target audience.

If people were to stumble across your page or brand naturally, they would find it hard to trust you and your products or services through first impressions.

However, public relations can help you build that trust immediately as you're appearing on a trustworthy site.

While you may think that you need to be well connected or well known to get featured on large media outlets, this is actually far from the truth.

With a little bit of effort and money, you're able to get articles published about you on these popular media outlets.

Not only can this be beneficial for you and your brand, but like all the other skills we've discussed till now, this is very valuable to other businesses and individuals.

To get into PR, you should start by learning how PR firms work, what they do, and where they conduct business.

Start by building your network of professionals both online and offline.

LinkedIn is a great place to be if you're looking to build an online network - find people who are featured on popular media outlets, and start speaking with them.

Find people who work at these large media outlets, also start speaking to them.

Public relations is largely about speaking and communicating with people as well as building relationships

Investing & trading

If you have some capital laying around, you can use it to your advantage.

Aside from stocks, options, currencies, and real estate, there are new opportunities in which you can invest your money into.

Cryptocurrency has become popular over the last decade, while NFTs has also become a trend over the last 2 years or so.

While investing or trading aren't 'get-rich-quick schemes', they're able to make you very wealthy if you invest your money wisely.

Warren Buffet, the most successful investor of all time, managed to build his wealth (over $100 billion) through investing and buying companies.

While it took Warren Buffet a lifetime to reach this level of wealth and success, it can take you a few years, or less.

There are many ways to invest your money - some safer than others, while some are risky but can yield a high return on investment.

These are usually penny stocks (IPO), new cryptocurrencies (ICO), and new NFT projects.

If you invested in an Azuki NFT a little over a month ago, you would have spent less than 1 ETH on a single NFT (couldn't find the exact minting price).

However, the floor price for an Azuki NFT - the lowest price you can buy one of these NFTs today, is over 10 ETH.

Within a few months, you could have at least 10x'd your investment with some people even 100x'ing theirs through the different rarities that the NFTs have.

If you're looking for a project to look into, I suggest you check out The Crypto Apes Club.

The launch is getting ever closer every day, and there's a ton planned for the future of the project.

NFTs aren't the only place you can and should invest in - do your research to learn about the various opportunities available!

Those were 5 more skills that will make you a millionaire in 2022.

Did you find this article helpful? 

If so, please leave your thoughts in the comments below - let's get some conversations going.

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