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Why The Crypto Apes Club Will Be The Next Major NFT Collection [Don't Miss Out]

Why The Crypto Apes Club Will Be The Next Major NFT Collection [Don't Miss Out]
Why The Crypto Apes Club Will Be The Next Major NFT Collection

Every day, many new NFT collections are being launched.

If you spend any time on Twitter or Instagram, you've most likely come across dozens of different collections either through ads or through shoutouts.

While some collections might seem great, it can be difficult to differentiate between those who will stick around in the long run and those who are looking to make quick cash and runoff.

With the infancy of the NFT space, it's inevitable that we'll run into those who are looking to pull the rug on their community and run off with their money.

Today, I wanted to discuss why The Crypto Apes Club NFT Collection is going to be the next major collection the NFT community should be joining early.

A quick disclaimer - I am the founder of The Crypto Apes Club collection.

After being in business for over two years, I managed to build up a ton of experience that I am now applying to NFTs.

There's both massive opportunity and space for tons of innovation, and I wanted to build a community that is at the forefront of it all.

I believe that NFTs and Web3 is like the early 1990s when the internet was new.

You have the opportunity to build any and everything you could ever dream of, and create massive value from it.

Let's discuss 6 major reasons why The Crypto Apes Club is going to be the next major collection.

You should consider these reasons for any NFT project you decide to start, or do research into.

Don't forget to join The Crypto Apes on Discord and keep up to date on Twitter to be in with a chance at winning an exclusive Whitelist space.

Let's begin.

Smart contract

The first reason I believe The Crypto Apes Club will go on to become a massively successful NFT collection is the smart contract itself - one that allows members to save BIG on gas fees.

A lot of people who come into the NFT space have no clue what a blockchain or a smart contract is.

With that said, there are many smart contracts one can find on platforms like Github that help you launch an NFT ERC-721 smart contract.

However, there are many features and functionalities these NFT contracts are usually missing that could improve the overall experience of the NFT project to its community and founding team.

The Ethereum blockchain, as we know it, is the most popular blockchain to launch your NFT project on.

Yet, an intrinsic problem that both the community and founders of a project must face when dealing with the Ethereum blockchain is the unpredictable gas fees.

Gas fees are essentially a transactional fee faced by the party which decides to take any action on the Ethereum blockchain.

Doing many things on the blockchain will cost gas, including minting, updating or writing functions for a smart contract, and whitelisting too.

With The Crypto Apes Club NFT smart contract, we're using an iteration that eliminates high gas fees, replacing them with much cheaper, more affordable gas fees.

Many of the big NFT collections are yet to adopt this, and it's the reason they're only owned by the wealthiest of NFT collectors.

The Crypto Apes Club smart contract gives anyone a chance at minting an NFT (or five) by getting whitelisted and paying much less gas.

The contract has been optimized so that users only pay the gas price of minting one NFT, no matter how many they decide to mint.

If you choose to mint 3 NFTs, the gas price will be equal to that of minting one NFT.

If you choose to mint 5 NFTs, the gas price will be equal to that of minting one NFT.

Conversely, the exclusive whitelist is managed via a Merkle Tree integration, which allows whitelists to work completely off-chain, eliminating the need to pay gas to check if you're a whitelisted member of the community.

While the community will slowly pick up on these implementations, The Crypto Apes Club has seen the negative effects of gas fees, and have optimized accordingly to save the community from wasting Ethereum on gas.

Community aspect

You may have heard the phrase 'we're a community-driven project' hundreds of times by now.

While many NFT projects may have strong communities, The Crypto Apes Club aims to empower its community and put its members at the heart of everything we do.

Unlike many collections, The Crypto Apes Club has a story that drives and dictates the future of the project.

While the founding team has an idea of where this project should go, the community will be the deciding factor in many cases.

(Stay tuned to our Twitter and Discord group - teaser trailer dropping very soon)

Following the release date of The Crypto Apes Club NFT project, we plan to buy up land in the Metaverse and rebuild Xena - the world of The Crypto Apes.

This will be a massive, ongoing collaborative project whereby the community are equally responsible for the growth and development of Xena.

Buildings, businesses, games, collections, and iterations to The Crypto Apes Club will not only be created by the founding team but the community too.

As a member of The Crypto Apes Club, you not only get to hold an NFT, you get to be part of shaping the future of the project and the industry itself.

There are a ton more members-exclusive benefits that we'll discuss a little later in this article.

Innovative, ambitious roadmap

The reason I'm so passionate about the NFT space is that entrepreneurs can combine innovation and ambition to create something revolutionary.

Ambition is a part of every project I decide to pursue, whether it's NFT-related or merely business-related.

When I was working on Hawk Prospecting, I had a massive vision to build an eco-system, a suite whereby sales professionals from all walks of life are able to come in and discover tools that simplify their lives and jobs.

While working on our NFT project, I squeezed every ounce of creativity and ambition I had to create an extraordinary vision for The Crypto Apes NFT project.

The Crypto Apes Club is the start of a bigger picture, the beginning of a never-ending journey and the roadmap reflects that.

The plan is to build an ecosystem that spans across the digital and real world, putting The Crypto Apes Club & its community at the forefront of this massive technological shift.

I like to refer to our vision for this project as the 'Digital Disney', or the 'Metaverse Amazon'.

Join The Crypto Apes Club Discord now, the roadmap will be fully revealed soon! 

Experienced team

Starting an NFT collection from scratch is no easy feat.

The sheer volume of NFT collections coming out every day might make it seem as though it's nothing more than a 'get-rich-quick' scheme, however, I'd argue it's as difficult as starting a business.

Being an entrepreneur for 2 years, I've had the chance to work on multiple businesses, all with varying levels of success.

With that said, there's a massive correlation between the process of starting an NFT collection and the process of starting a business.

Both require that you build a product or service that your audience will like.

Both require that you build a community, a brand that supports you and your vision.

Both require that you carry on iterating and improving the business, growing it larger and larger.

To build a great NFT project, you need an experienced team heading the project.

While we are in the 'gold rush' phase of the NFT industry, we'll soon find out that the collections which remain are those with a strong, experienced team.

The only alternative to this is incorporating the idea of a 'DAO' into your NFT collection so that the community can steer the ship instead.

At The Crypto Apes Club, we choose to work with the best of the best, to create our project.

The process of building out our A-team is a tough and stringent process that only the fit can survive.

Although there are no 'Marvel artists' or 'Netflix engineers' working on The Crypto Apes Project, the team is more than capable of taking the project to the moon.

Real utility

Not long ago, the Bored Ape Yacht Club, one of the most popular NFT projects in the world, reached a floor price of 100 ETH.

This means that to buy a BAYC NFT, you need to be willing to invest at least 100 ETH, which is equal to $291,217 at the time of writing.

The reason this NFT collection is so popular is because of its utility, and the community it's managed to build.

Those who own a BAYC NFT are all wealthy, successful entrepreneurs, celebrities, and influencers.

One BAYC NFT puts you in contact with this calibre of people.

Not only that, but your NFT is a ticket to real-world events where you can personally meet these people, which is most likely more valuable than the NFT itself.

Another example I really like - Gary Vee's Veefriends collection - has insane utility.

Gary has 10s of millions of followers across all social platforms, yet his NFTs give its holders benefits that put you in contact with Gary Vee himself.

While all his NFTs are tickets to his conference happening May 2022, other NFTs give you benefits such as having dinner with Gary.

These are things you'll never be able to do with other NFT collections.

While no other collection will give you access to extremely popular people like Gary, The Crypto Apes Club plans to create a real sense of utility and value.

Owning a Crypto Apes NFT doesn't only mean you own a new NFT on the Ethereum blockchain.

Your Crypto Apes NFT is a ticket to the Club - a club where you'll eventually be able to participate in Metaverse events, play-to-earn games, and generate an income (be it passive or earned) for yourself.

We want to thank our community for giving us the opportunity to build something great by ensuring you get part of the upside too, becoming actual investors in real businesses and brands built on top of the Crypto Apes Club franchise.

Think of owning a Crypto Apes Club NFT as owning shares in a company.

Keep your eyes peeled - this is only the beginning.

Bonus: GREAT ART 🥳

Finally, I wanted to mention that The Crypto Apes Club is working really hard on creating amazing artwork for its community.

While utility, gas savings, and the whole bunch might be cool, there's nothing better than some great art at the end of the day.

The NFT community is made up of many art lovers and creators, and so it's only right to create something everyone, no matter if you're minting or not, can find exciting!

If it sounds like you'd like to get involved with The Crypto Apes Club, I suggest that you join the club on Discord here.

We are planning to launch in Q1 of 2022, yet this could be pushed back in order to ensure the best possible outcome and experience for the community.

Those were the reasons I believe The Crypto Apes Club will be the next major collection in the NFT space.

Did you find this article helpful? 

If so, please leave your thoughts in the comments below - let's get some conversations going.

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