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How To Build Hype For An NFT Project Launch [6 Tips From Successful NFT Collections]

How To Build Hype For An NFT Project Launch [6 Tips From Successful NFT Collections]
How To Build Hype For An NFT Project Launch

Building an NFT project is simple.

There are tons of resources online that can show one how to start their own NFT collection.

You can even check out my article that goes over the step-by-step process.

However, it's much harder to build a successful collection - this requires much more time and effort.

We're slowly exciting the 'gold mine' phase of the NFT space, as I like to call it: the part where everyone is rushing to get their piece of the pie, and so it's becoming harder to launch NFT collections without any marketing.

While 'stealth' launches used to work for some collections, we're seeing fewer and fewer collections adopt this strategy.

NFT collectors are much more stringent on the projects they decide to back and have adapted to the market, picking up strategies that help them judge whether an NFT collection is worth joining.

Add on the fact that many promising collections turn out to be rug pulls (where the founding team run off with the collector's money after minting), it's slowly becoming harder to launch and sell out.

To do so successfully, you need to meticulously follow a strategy, building enough hype and getting as many eyeballs to your collection as possible.

This article will outline strategies that you can use to build hype for an NFT project launch.

These strategies are adopted by some of the most popular, and most successful NFT collections currently available.

Note: Join our NFT Discord server here. Lot's coming soon!

Open Discord Server

The first and most important step of building hype for your NFT collection is to have a place where your community can congregate and learn more about your project.

As we dive deeper into NFTs, we've started to adopt Discord as the primary community-management software.

Discord is great as it allows you to build a tight-knit community, and manage it all under one roof.

Setting up the Discord server might take some time to get used to, but it's well worth the try.

Once it's setup and ready to go, you're able to do tons of things like:

  • Make announcements
  • Introduce people to your collection
  • Group people into roles
  • Set up events
  • Set up rooms based on common interests
  • Create channels
  • Manage accessbility based on roles
  • Add Discord bots to help you manage the server

All of these things above help you build hype around your project, as it gives your community the chance to interact with one another.

It's very simple to get started.

Create a Discord account and set up your server using this video here.

The contents of the video may need to be tweaked slightly as it's not an NFT video, however, it goes over everything you need for your own server. 

You can adopt the strategies we discussed in the article on marketing your NFT collection.

To make sure you maximise the number of members in the group, I suggest you set up a Linktree.

Linktree is a free tool that allows you to create a single link which leads to many other links around the internet.

It's trusted by millions of users around the world, making it the perfect tool to use.

If you have a Discord server, website, social media accounts, all dedicated to your NFT collection, this is the best place to keep them all connected, and easily accessible by all members of the NFT community.

Create social media accounts

Everyone involved in the NFT space uses social media of some sort.

NFTs are looking to the future, and so it's only right to embrace this technological shift by using the internet.

The most effective platforms to reach these people on are usually:

These platforms collectively have around 6 billion monthly active users, making them the most effective way to reach large volumes of people, quickly.

There is no other time in history where you were able to reach this many people at a single time.

Simply creating and setting up free social media accounts on these platforms gives you the opportunity to build up a small community of people who are looking forward to your NFT collection.

While Discord is the ideal place to bring people together, social media is a great place to find these people who then convert into Discord members.

It's a great way to build a community and keep in regular touch with those who support you - either through visual content, live videos, or regular posting.

Managing 3 social media platforms simultaneously is a difficult job - it's best to focus on one platform, to begin with.

There are enough users on all platforms to build a successful NFT collection.

Choose a platform that works best for you, considering the style of content that fits into each platform.

Twitter is for tweeting short posts, while TikTok, for example, is a video-driven platform.

The Discord server and your social media accounts will go hand in hand when building your community - social media will help you attract people, while Discord will help you maintain those people, and build a collective community.

Create online resources

Another way to build hype for your NFT project is by creating online content or resources that the community will appreciate.

For example, starting a small blog on a platform like Medium can help you seem as an authority in the industry while driving lots of traffic to your own collection.

When I first started blogging, I shared my articles on Medium.

The first 3-4 months didn't look promising - I was averaging less than 5 views per day.

However, after month 5, things quickly started to pick up, and the algorithm swayed in my favour.

I managed to get over 400 followers on Medium within a 2-month period.

Although I manage to get lots of traffic from blogging, not all my articles are focused on NFTs.

Starting a blog, I suggest you focus solely on NFTs - even if you're not blogging daily.

Traffic is pointless when they're not interested in what you're offering.

Aside from writing blog articles, you can create a podcast or even get featured on one.

I wrote an article talking all about podcast marketing a few weeks back. I suggest you check it out to learn how podcast marketing can help you build hype for your NFT collection.

Finally, I would suggest you turn your blog articles into YouTube videos. YouTube is one of the biggest search engines in the world (the biggest video search engine), making it a great place to find your ideal market.

Here's an article on how you can grow your YouTube channel fast.

Influencer marketing

Influencers are your best friends as an NFT collection founder.

They hold the keys to the kingdom, keys that can get your collection sold quickly.

That's why many NFT collections turn to influencers to help them build hype around their NFT collections.

There are tons of online influencers who have thousands, or even 100s of thousands of followers - all of which might be interested in NFTs.

Like the previous point, it's important you focus on one of three main platforms:

  • Twitter,

Twitter is the home for NFTs. Everyone who's involved in the NFT space has a Twitter account.

Twitter themselves have even gone as far as to create a profile verification feature to cater to the NFT community.

  • Instagram,

Instagram is a great place to showcase images and videos - NFTs are usually very visual, making them a great place to share your work.

Instagram has a massive user base of almost 2 billion people per month.

  • TikTok.

Yes, TikTok might be smaller than the other two platforms, but it's the best for organic growth.

Everyone on TikTok has an opportunity to go viral - your chosen influencer being one of them.

While many influencers might be charging a lot of money for shoutouts, there are some who can help you market your NFT collection for a lower dollar amount.

For example, large, verified pages on Instagram will charge around $100,000 for a social media post.

However, it's worth building up a meaty list and reaching out to them in order to get a feel for the various prices.

In fact, other influencers are happily taking an NFT from your collection as payment.

Involve your audience

Getting your community, no matter how big, involved with your NFT collection is the key to success.

Communities are built around traction - whenever there are collections making noise, others will follow.

This means that your own community is your biggest, most effective marketing weapon.

A lot of NFT collections run giveaways and contests to involve their community and turn the virality engine on.

When people see others talk about your NFT collections, their followers will join in, and the cycle continues.

At Crypto Apes Club, we're going to be using exclusive whitelist giveaways, NFT giveaways, Ethereum giveaways, as well as cash giveaways.

While it might be expensive to mint a ton of NFTs to giveaway, we're using a gas-optimized contract that will enable us (and the community) to mint multiple NFTs while only paying the gas price for one NFT.

Within the giveaway, you want to make people:

Social media platforms help boost your posts whenever they quickly gain traction - so the faster your posts pick up speed, the more these social platforms will help boost them.

While giveaways work really well, a lot of members who end up joining can simply leave - after all, they may just follow your Twitter or join your Discord to have a chance at winning the giveaway.

This is where contests come in.

Many NFT collections run contests to further involve their community, but get them to participate in events to win prizes.

Some collections may do fan art contests, invitation contests, and more.

All work well, but to a certain degree.

For example, invitation contests might lead to a ton of bots getting added to the server while fan art contests might limit the number of participants as not all members of the community are artists.

Get creative, NFTs are all about innovation and fun!

Create a teaser video

99% of NFT collections do the bare minimum.

Due to the infancy of the industry, it's easy to get away with creating low-effort collections.

However, going a small step further and creating a teaser for your NFT collection can go a long way.

Many NFT collections simply use an image(s) of their artwork to show off and hype up their collection.

Others might step it up a notch and create a GIF that showcases their artwork.

However, a teaser video can transform your marketing, and achieve results far superior to those simply using their artwork.

Your teaser must be engaging, and showcase your artwork as well as tease your roadmap and what your community should expect from you in the future.

While you might not have the necessary skills needed to create the teaser video, you can always turn to sites like Fiverr or Upwork.

Depending on the quality of your teaser video, I would suggest checking both platforms - Upwork is usually for high-ticket projects, while Fiverr is for cheaper/smaller projects.

There are tons of skilled freelancers who are able to work with various budgets, it's all about choosing the one you think is best for you.

Consider things like communication, speed, and experience.

Those were 6 tips to help you build hype for an NFT project launch.

Did you find this article helpful? 

If so, please leave your thoughts in the comments below - let's get some conversations going.

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