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6 Email Marketing Tips To Land More Clients For Your Marketing Agency

6 Email Marketing Tips To Land More Clients For Your Marketing Agency
6 Email Marketing Tips To Land More Clients For Your Marketing Agency

Let's start by pointing out the obvious - finding clients for your marketing agency is really difficult.

For a year straight, I did everything within my power to build my marketing agency, and faced a ton of challenges along the way.

However, everything I tried did not produce the results I was hoping for.

I tried everything - cold LinkedIn outreach, Facebook outreach, Facebook group posting, cold calling.

However, the one thing that I found to work really well is cold email outreach.

Email outreach is great for many reasons - mainly being its simplicity.

It's very easy to start a cold email outreach campaign, all you need are some email addresses of your ideal target audience.

Next, it's very cheap compared to other methods of outreach - LinkedIn, for example, requires that you spend around $100 per month on Sales Navigator to get the best value out of it.

Hiring a virtual assistant can cost you between $300-$500, sometimes even more.

Despite the price, the volume of people you can reach compared to other strategies is far superior.

With cold email, you have the ability to reach thousands of prospects per month if you wish to do so.

Does email marketing still work?

Now you might have tried cold email already, but it didn't yield the results you expected.

So does cold email really still work, or is it a strategy that once worked wonders a few years ago?

Believe it or not, cold email is still one of the most effective strategies to find clients for your marketing agency, or any other client-oriented business.

Professionals spend almost a third of their working days in their inboxes.

Aside from the phone itself, email is the most direct way to reach your ideal prospects.

The reason why many people fail to succeed with cold email is that they give up too quickly.

Excluding referrals, almost all forms of client acquisition is a numbers game.

Many people don't stick to their numbers, and so they fall short of success.

In this article, we're discussing email marketing tips that can help you land more clients for your agency.

Quality over quantity

The first mistake many people make when it comes to cold emails is spamming any and everyone they come in contact with.

It's very easy to go on Fiverr, and pay someone $20 for a list of 10,000 'prospects,' however, it's much harder and more time consuming to find real prospects that are likely to become clients.

Although you can reach thousands of prospects instantly via email marketing, it's important you choose to reach only those who are likely to want your service.

Identifying these prospects requires precision and a criteria that your prospects must abide by.

When I ran my marketing agency, we focused on helping real estate agents get more listings or sales.

We focused on the American market as we thought that real estate was a much more lucrative industry in the USA.

While we were correct, real estate agents themselves don't earn a whole bunch of money.

In general, luxury real estate brokers, or brokerages would have been a much better market to focus on.

Although this would contract our market size, our conversion rates would have gone through the roof as we would have been reaching out to people who can, firstly, afford our services.

Aside from price, a lot of businesses you reach out to will not be looking for your services at the moment.

6 Email Marketing Tips To Land More Clients For Your Marketing Agency

Research shows that only 3% of prospects are currently in the market for your service.

This means that, out of 100 people you reach out to, only 3 will show some sort of real interest.

It's best to engage and nurture those who are not yet in this 'decision-making' phase, so that you're top of mind when they are ready for your services.

Always remember that it's better to prioritize quality over quantity in terms of outreach!

Personalize your emails

The next mistake a lot of marketing agency owners make is that they have one single script that they use for any and every client.

Although having a script saves you a bunch of time, it's important that you slightly deviate from that script.

The same, generic, boring scripts that you're blasting out to hundreds of prospects is most likely identical to the scripts other marketing agency owners are sending.

95% of marketing agency owners forget to personalise their marketing campaigns based on who they're reaching out to.

The best and easiest place to start is having their first name, company name, and location, at the least.

When you don't address someone by their first name in your email marketing campaigns, you're immediately losing out on an opportunity.

It's disrespectful to reach out to someone without professionally addressing them - it shows that you have not done your research, placing you in the same bucket as all the other agency owners.

A 'Hey [name]' goes a long way, it's much more effective than simply saying 'Hey there'.

Aside from basic information, you want to try and personalise the first line of your email.

While many people already know about using first names, company names, and locations, a lot of people stop right there.

When I reached out to real estate agents, I would mention something I noticed about their business - whether it's a recent sale they made, a new listing they got, and point out the details I noticed.

This shows prospects that you know a little more about them, and that you're not only looking for a sales interaction.

personalization is key: make each prospect feel unique, and appreciated.

Use Loom videos

Over 60% of the world's population has access to the internet.

While this is good news, running into scammers and ill-intentional people is inevitable.

Not everyone you meet online will be a star, you'll come across the occasional douchebag.

With that said, starting an online marketing agency is very simple - and so it's becoming harder and harder to differentiate the good agency owners from the bad ones.

To differentiate yourself from the rest, it's important you do something the others are not.

Everyone is sending the same, old emails, saturating the marketplace.

To get a prospect to agree to work with you, there are three things that must happen.

The prospect must know you.

The prospect must like you.

The prospect must trust you.

It's very difficult to build any of these three elements through an email interaction - and that's why sales calls happen.

However, before a prospect decides to jump on a sales call with you, they need to have a good reason to do so.

A strategy many agency owners have recently started to adopt are short video outreach strategies, better known as Loom videos.

Loom is a software that enables users to record their screens while recording their face-cam too.

It's a great way to put a face in front of your email outreach so that prospects can see you're a genuine person.

While you might not send the Loom video in your first outreach attempt, you can send one for your third or last email attempt.

Some agency owners even send Looms only when prospects have opened their emails a specific number of times, showing some level of interest in the service.

Cold email marketing software can help you track this.

Your Loom videos can be very simple - as long as you include the prospect's name at the beginning, and tell them how you can help them, ending off with a call to action.

Always be testing

Chances are that your first email script will not work well.

While it could lead to some meetings booked, there's a chance that you can write a better, high-converting email template.

One thing many agency owners forget to do is test different approaches and styles to their email outreach.

While one thing might not work, the next thing you try might work really well.

You never know which bait will work, unless you test them out.

I recommend you use cold email marketing software to help you A/B (split test) your email campaigns.

Split testing helps you pinpoint the effectiveness of your email outreach campaign, giving you data that you can act on.

Instead of making uneducated assumptions on what might work or what might not work, reading and following the data is much more effective.

Let's assume we're sending 100 emails and the following are the results from this campaign:

  • 28% open rate
  • 8% clicked
  • 15% replied
  • 3% meeting booked

From this data, we can conclude that our campaign is effective, however, we can optimize our open rates in order to improve our overall results.

In general, you should aim for at least a 70% open rate, meaning 7/10 of your prospects will open your emails.

A 28% open rate suggests that your subject line is not working effectively.

If our reply rate is low, this could suggest that we don't have a powerful call to action, or a line that sparks curiosity or conversation.

Constantly test new scripts, and make small tweaks based on the numbers you're achieving.

The goal should be to build a fully optimized email marketing campaign, by reaching the highest possible, open rate, click-through rates, replies, and ultimately, meetings booked.

Bonus 1: Use a sequence

Before we end this article off, I wanted to add in a few bonus tips for you.

While these might be standard practise for some, there are a ton of people who may not know of these neat, little tricks.

Firstly, don't send one email to your prospects, and forget about them.

Instead, you'll want to enter each prospect through a funnel that maximises your touchpoints with them.

A lot of people simply send one email, and if the prospect doesn't reply, they forget about the prospect and move on to the next one.

Create a 4-6 email campaign, and send each email 2-4 days apart.

Most prospects don't pay much attention to the first few emails, but might reply to the 3rd or 4th emails.

90% will never reach back out, and so it's important you create a system that reminds you to reach out to them again after 6 months, entering them back through the funnel.

If you're worried about 'spam', it simply means you're spamming your prospects.

Focus on writing effective emails that highlight the benefits to your prospects, or add value to them and their businesses.

Bonus 2: CRM + Automation

Next, you'll want to stack the odds in your favour by using software that simplifies the process of reaching and managing prospects.

While it might be easy to manage a few dozen prospects, it quickly gets out of hand after 50 prospects.

Salesforce, one of the most popular CRMs might be a little expensive, however, there are free alternatives you can use instead.

My favourite is Trello or Notion.

Both of these platforms give you the opportunity to manage your clients through cards on a CRM dashboard and move them along the sales process.

If these aren't good fits for your business, I suggest checking out Pipedrive.

You want to use a CRM that hooks up to your email marketing software - another tool that's essential for email marketing.

While you might spend $30 per month on these tools, the return on your investment is priceless.

With the help of these tools, you can save time by automating the tedious process of sending emails one by one.

The analytics you get access to with these email marketing tools is very useful, as it tells you what you should be doing to optimize your outreach, and get the best value for your money. 

Those were 6 email marketing tips to land more clients for your marketing agency.

Did you find this article helpful? 

If so, please leave your thoughts in the comments below - let's get some conversations going.

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