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6 Tips To Grow Your YouTube Channel Fast In 2022 [Secret Strategies]

How To Grow Your YouTube Channel Fast In 2022 [6 Tips To Get Subscribers]
6 Tips To Grow Your YouTube Channel Fast In 2022

For anyone who has a voice to share or a passion they'd like to monetize, YouTube is a great way to do so.

Not only do big YouTubers earn a solid income through YouTube's partnership program, but you also get brands and companies who want to collaberate with you.

Getting started on YouTube is very simple - all you need is a camera of some sorts, and an internet connection.

However, to grow on YouTube is much harder than it looks. With the ever increasing competition on the platform, it can be near impossible to get found by your ideal audience.

720,000 hours worth of content is uploaded to YouTube every single day, and so it's easy to find your newly uploaded videos flooded by the rest on the platform.

With all that said, growing on youtube is definitely feasible.

In fact, there are hundreds, even thousands of success stories coming to life as we speak, and so it's a great time to begin your YouTube career.

If you're a new, or existing YouTuber who's looking to grow their Youtube channel, read this article!

We're discussing 6 tips to get subscribers and grow your YouTube channel fast in 2022.

Let's begin.

Niche down

Ali Abdaal, one of the biggest personal finance and business YouTubers, started off by creating videos for medical students.

As a university student himself, he realised the struggles that medical students faced, and so he decided to create content for them.

This helped him grow rapidly at the start of his YouTube career.

One of the easiest ways to grow a YouTube channel quickly is by niching down your content and focusing on creating content for a specific audience.

If you're someone who loves gaming, find a game you like to play, and create content around that.

If you want to niche down even further, you can choose to make content, for a specific game, and a specific audience who play that game.

These can be beginners, intermediates, pros, people who speak different languages, such as Spanish, and so on.

The reason niching down your content is so effective, is because you're able to tell YouTube exactly what your channel is about.

This makes it much easier to show your content to the right group of people, those who are more likely to engage and like your videos.

When you continue to make content around a specific topic, you're able to build a small, tight-knit, and engaged community that continues to support you and your content.

It's much harder to make content that everyone on the YouTube platform will enjoy (unless you're Mr Beast), and so it's best to focus on a specific topic, to begin with.

When I first started a YouTube channel, 7 years ago, I started by making gaming videos - Call of Duty was the primary focus of my channel, however, more recently (last year), I started creating financial videos.

Once you've started to grow your audience, you can create different channels for different topics, or simply open the playing field by uploading different types of videos.

Call to actions

The next thing is very simple, yet a lot of people forget all about it.

Whenever you upload a video, it's important that you tell your audience what to do in that video.

For example, at the start of some of my articles, I may ask my community - you, to join my Discord server.

Similarly, at the end of the article, I have more reminders to subscribe, join the NFT Discord group, and join my Quora group.

Your audience or viewers are much more likely to subscribe or like your videos if they're being told to do so.

YouTube is built in a way to keep users on the platform by suggesting videos they may find interesting to them.

This almost autonomous algorithm means that viewers are more focused on the video than doing anything else, and so it's much better to remind them to subscribe to the channel or like the video.

Studies show that a simple call to action can help increase your conversions by up to 83% - almost doubling your overall conversion rates.

Although this study was done for websites and eCommerce businesses, you can expect similar, positive results for YouTube videos. 

There's no reason you should not have a call to action in your video.

A lot of YouTubers make their call to action more engaging - one channel by the name of 'REBOUND' seamlessly weave in their call to action with the videos, making their conversion even higher.

Optimize your videos

If you're a beginner on YouTube, you may not understand a lot about how the YouTube algorithm works.

The Youtube algorithm works in a similar way to SEO - after all, YouTube is a search engine for video content.

There are a ton of ways you can optimize your videos to rank well on YouTube's search pages and show up for more people under their 'suggestions.'

To begin with, you'll want to ensure you have a great thumbnail - you can use Canva to make a simple thumbnail for free.

Make sure it stands out from the rest of the similar videos to yours.

Aside from the thumbnail, many people will go ahead and read the title. a great thumbnail tells people exactly what the video is about, however, a title reinforces the click.

If a thumbnail looks good, the title will be the reason they click the video.

However, the purpose of the title goes far beyond increasing your overall CTR (click-through rate).

Firstly, you'll need to ensure you have keywords related to your video in your title.

This will help YouTube's algorithm understand what your video is about, and show it to the right people.

If the title and the thumbnail are not enough, you'll want to go ahead and write a meaty, detailed description that explains the events in your video and gives people a reason to watch.

Underneath that, include your social links so that you can grow your online presence on other channels too.

I suggest you download a chrome extension such as VidIQ, a platform that helps you optimize your YouTube videos by giving you the best hashtags as well as shedding light on competing videos.

Every YouTube video you post will have an SEO Score, ranked out of 100 - they'll give you a checklist that helps you reach the 100 score mark.

Tools like VidIQ make it very easy to optimize your Youtube videos. For beginners, I recommend using their free plan to gain some initial momentum.

There's a lot more to creating a great YouTube video that's optimized for the YouTube algorithm, however, these are the basics that can get you started on creating better, more impactful videos. 

Share your content

A lot of the time, Youtube, alone, will not be enough to grow your YouTube channel.

View 'velocity' is something YouTube (and other platforms) take into consideration when judging which videos should go viral.

View velocity is, essentially, the number of subscribers that watch your video immediately after it's been published.

It also accounts for the overall views and engagement a video can get in a short amount of time.

The better a video does quickly after it has been uploaded, the more YouTube will help you push it out to the right people.

At the end of the day, YouTube wants to show people videos they'll enjoy so that they maintain people's attention - if a video does well, it's more likely to keep users engaged, and so they'll help you share it.

An effective way to get views and engagement on your videos is by getting people to turn notifications on when you upload.

As a beginner, this might not be something you're able to do - instead, you should market your videos on other platforms.

Twitter, Instagram, TikTok: these are all great platforms to use to promote your YouTube videos.

I recommend creating a short 'trailer' for your videos that you then post on every platform.

When I started, I had many friends who supported me by sharing my content on platforms like Instagram and even Snapchat.

This helped me gain some initial velocity and momentum with my videos.

A lot of YouTubers are starting to build communities outside of Youtube, for example, through Discord because you can engage with your community more effectively, and so they use this as a way to share their newly uploaded content. 

Create a schedule

I've seen many YouTubers, or wannabe YouTubers, upload a few videos then complain that they're not becoming successful on the platform.

Consistency is very important, and it's something you'll have to have if you want to succeed.

Yes, there are those who manage to reach a million subscribers really quickly, but for every person who does so, there are thousands who don't.

These success stories are very rare, and so we're bound to hear about them.

However, the reality for most is years of consistency to finally start seeing a glimmer of success.

For example, when I restarted my YouTube channel at the start of last year, I uploaded a video daily, which inevitably, led to burnout.

Recording takes 2-3 hours while editing the video and uploading takes another 3-4 hours.

This was very hard to maintain, and so I stopped uploading to focus on building a real income stream before going back to YouTube.

However, with blogging, it's a different story.

Writing an article and editing it only takes around 3-4 hours per day, making it much more achievable.

I'm also very introverted, meaning that making daily videos is very tiring and energy-absorbing.

Therefore, I've found it much easier to write and post an article a day than it is to record, edit, and upload a YouTube video per day.

Whether it's blogging, YouTube, going to the gym, or anything in between, consistency is key, and creating a schedule is the best way to stay consistent.

A brick wall many content creators run into is drying up on ideas.

I recommend you read my article on finding unlimited content ideas to help you out of this drought.

From here, you should create a schedule that tells you what you'll be recording and posting on which days, at what time.

Be specific so that you know exactly what you're going to do.

When I write an article, I write them at night, then edit them in the morning, because I'm more creative at nighttime.

If you manage to slip up, forgive yourself - it happens to everyone, and you're simply in the process of building a new habit!

Bonus tip(s)

I wanted to add a bonus tip that I'm not sure many people discuss - that is YouTube shorts or YouTube polls.

After the success TikTok has seen over the pandemic, massive platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and more recently, YouTube, have also transitioned to the 'short-style' content formats.

This has made it a lot easier to grow on these platforms by leveraging their new short-form video content styles - YouTube being, 'YouTube shorts'.

YouTube shorts is a great way to grow your subscribers and channel quickly, by uploading short videos that people will just click on because they know it's a short video.

On the other hand, polls are a great way to get your community engaged - asking questions, getting video suggestions, these are all things you can do via YouTube polls.

These small things can be implemented into your YouTube schedule to help you grow your channel faster.

Those were 6 tips to help you grow your YouTube channel fast in 2022.

Did you find this article helpful? 

If so, please leave your thoughts in the comments below - let's get some conversations going.

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