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How To Take Action & Achieve Your Goals In 2022 [Take Action In The Right Direction]

How To Take Action & Achieve Your Goals In 2022 [Take Action In The Right Direction]
How To Take Action & Achieve Your Goals In 2022

With the power of the internet, entrepreneurs are able to learn everything they need to learn to become successful.

They can learn all about the secrets the millionaires and billionaires before them used to build massive empires and achieve financial freedom.

They're able to discover information once hidden to the masses, the books that embody the entire life of successful people, and yet millions of people struggle to find their own success.

I fully believe that anyone with the right mindset can read every single one of my blog articles and build a massively successful business that frees them from a life they dread.

With all of this accessibility, how come so many people still fail to reach their pinnacle?

I have come to realise that it's not about the knowledge you have or the learning you do, but it's about your willingness to take action in the right direction.

The amount of information freely available to you today can overwhelm you and stop you from taking action.

Entrepreneurs might have all the knowledge to build businesses, but they lack the ability to take consistent action to see things through.

In this article, we're discussing how to take action & achieve your goals in 2022.

Make an action plan

How To Take Action & Achieve Your Goals In 2022 [Take Action In The Right Direction]

The first and most important step is to lay out an action plan.

A lot of the time, people know exactly how to learn about things, but they have no idea how they're going to act on it.

When I first started to learn about forex trading, I knew exactly how to do the research I needed, yet I lacked the know-how to take action.

I had carried my habits from school to do the learning, yet they never really taught me how to take action on something.

This might be slightly different for others, yet the outcome is the same - taking action is difficult because we have no plan in place to help us with it.

The simplest way to ensure that you take action is to know what you need to do.

This is where your action plan comes in - a simple way to tell yourself how you're going to take action to reach a particular outcome.

See, a lot of people do it all backward.

They wake up, go through their morning routines then notice they have no idea what comes next.

Every day, right before you go to sleep, you'll want to think about where you want to be in life and the things you need to do to realise that outcome.

If I'm building an eCommerce business and the next step for me to take is finding a product, my action plan would look something like this:

"I will spend 3 hours going through the rabbit hole on Alibaba to find good [product] suppliers and reach out to them."

"I will submit RFQ (request for quotes) so that suppliers can also reach out to me."

This is a great start because we already know what we're going to be doing for 4 hours of our day.

Start to think about your own life and goals.

What do you need to do tomorrow to make progress towards your ultimate goals?

Make an action plan every day that pushes you closer and closer to them.

Manage your time

How To Take Action & Achieve Your Goals In 2022 [Take Action In The Right Direction]

Have you ever felt like you've spent 16-20 hours working in a single day yet your results have little to show for it?

It's most likely because you didn't manage your time effectively

As entrepreneurs, the most important commodity we have is our time.

Although this might be a common fact, a lot of entrepreneurs don't understand the importance their time holds and treat it as a renewable resource.

Different people have different situations.

You might be an unemployed, young person, and so you have all the free time in the world to work on reaching your goals.

However, there are others who have a job they must work or else their families don't eat.

There are those who take care of 3 or more people, ensuring they have something to eat that day.

Although these barriers make it harder to spend more time on what you need to do, it doesn't limit your ability to manage your time effectively.

While you might spend 6-8 hours per day working, you need to be able to manage the other 8 hours you have after work is done.

Someone who's optimized their time to work seamlessly for 4-6 hours is a lot more effective than someone who works 16 hours per day, yet only gets 4 hours of work done.

Make a weekly schedule for when you're able to work on your goals.

You have the action plan ready, you just need to carve out some time to get things done.

Find a time where you don't have a lot that you need to do.

  • After work
  • Later in the afternoon
  • Around night-time

Once again, this is going to vary from person to person.

When you set a specific time for work, your body and mind will get used to the fact that you spend these specific hours doing work, and so you'll be able to get into work mode a lot easier.

However, if you're constantly changing your schedule, then it's a lot easier to mix your work time with other things like your job, your family, relaxation, etc.

Refer to your goals daily

How To Take Action & Achieve Your Goals In 2022 [Take Action In The Right Direction]

In an ideal world, people would be able to think of a goal and achieve it with absolutely no friction.

Our world is far from ideal and things happen on a day-to-day basis that might derail us or throw us off course.

A lot of the time, these things may be completely out of our control too.

All of these things can throw you off and make you wonder if it's even worth going through all this agony to reach your goals.

That's why a lot of entrepreneurs instill their goals into them so that they never lose sight of them.

I used to wake up every day and have a look at everything I wanted to be, the goals I had set for myself, and write down affirmations so that I felt ready to take on the day.

It was a great way to remind myself of everything that I wanted to achieve.

Every time I looked at my goals, it gave me a sudden burst of motivation.

Thoughts of reaching those goals and living the sort of life I wanted to live filled my mind and made me want to get up and work towards them harder than ever.

This, by far, is the easiest way to remember your goals and make sure you're doing the right things to reach them.

Look at your goals every day when you wake up and ask yourself "how will I get closer to my goals today?"

You already have the answer - your action plan, you just need the extra nudge to make sure you stay on the ball.

Have a powerful WHY

How To Take Action & Achieve Your Goals In 2022 [Take Action In The Right Direction]

Let me ask you a simple question.

What is your WHY?

What is the reason you want to achieve the goals you've set out for yourself?

If you can't answer this question, you most likely don't have a powerful WHY.

A lot of people want to become entrepreneurs become social media makes it seem like an easy way to a life full of freedom, happiness, and wealth.

However, they realise how far off their perception was when they start to see the struggles and pain an entrepreneur goes through on a daily basis.

Going back to the start of this article, we mentioned how entrepreneurs are well equipped with the ability to learn and discover new things that can help them succeed.

Truth is, no matter how much learning you do, no matter how much preparation you do, you'll never be able to avoid the mistakes and challenges that you'll inevitably face throughout your journey.

Everyone's paths are different, littered with different beasts that they have to slay.

While you might be able to learn something from the tales of others, you'll need to mold the story for your own purpose.

This means that you'll never really be prepared for the road ahead.

You'll never fully understand how to tackle every challenge you inevitably encounter.

Failure, negativity, and struggle all await and that's why only a number of people make it through on the other end.

It's usually those with a powerful WHY - a reason strong enough to get them back up on their feet when things go sideways.

I recommend you start reading my article on getting crystal-clear on your WHY.

If you'd like to go further in-depth, you can read the book written by my favorite speaker, Simon Sinek, called 'Start With Why.' 

Start small, build consistency

How To Take Action & Achieve Your Goals In 2022 [Take Action In The Right Direction]

There are two types of entrepreneurs.

There are those that believe the road ahead will be easy, or there are those who believe the road ahead will be full of challenges.

Your thoughts influence your behavior and so neither end of the spectrum is fully correct.

The path ahead will only be as hard as you make it out to be.

Those of us who believe reaching success in business is the challenge of a lifetime will treat it that way.

They'll try to take on more than their fair share of work, and they'll end up falling flat on their faces, proving their beliefs right.

We don't need to overcomplicate things - we only need to start small.

One of my favorite entrepreneurs, Ryan Moran, teaches people how to build a $1m/year eCommerce business in 12 months or less.

He says that the majority of his works consists of getting people NOT to do things as opposed to doing more things.

People start seeing glimpses of success and think about how they can add more fuel to the fire.

When running Facebook ads is working like a charm, they think about how Google ads, influencer ads, and YouTube ads will take their business to the next level - they don't think about how doubling down on Facebook will yield a much better return.

A lot of us have this idea that to see massive results, we need to do massive things.

We need to work 20 hour days, we need to take insurmountable levels of risk, we need to sell dozens of products.

However, success is all about mastery.

Mastery is the key.

When I initially started the marketing agency, we were going to offer SEO, content writing, social media management, Google ads, Facebook ads, YouTube ads, and anything else related to digital marketing.

We then realised that all we really needed was one of those things to succeed.

The thing I'm trying to get at is we don't need to take on more than we can handle.

The reason it's so difficult to take action is that we try to do more than what is truly necessary.

Going back to the first point on action plans, you may notice how I only made 2 points and no more.

This was purposely done because we don't need to make a list of 100+ things to do.

We only need to start small, scale-up, then, when our team and resources allow, we can think about expansion.

Trying to do more than your fair share will only make it harder to stay consistent.

Find your rhythm, find consistency, then work your way up.

Stop giving yourself a hard time for no reason.

That's how to take action & achieve your goals in 2022.

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