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How To Market Your NFT Collection & Guarantee You Sell Out Quickly [NFT Art Marketing Strategies]

How To Market Your NFT Collection & Guarantee You Sell Out Quickly [NFT Art Marketing Strategies]
How To Market Your NFT Collection & Guarantee You Sell Out Quickly

Every day, there are dozens, maybe even hundreds of new NFT art collections being released.

After the initial hype started around the CryptoPunks and the Bored Ape Yacht Club, everyone is looking to get a piece of the pie.

People are starting to see the massive opportunity in creating and selling art by building a community around their projects.

While there are a bunch of pointless projects looking to make a quick buck, there are a ton of projects that are really looking to build a long-term project around something they love.

Here at Crypto Apes, we're looking to build the biggest ecosystem in the Metaverse!

This is what we should all aim to achieve.

If you're reading this article, chances are you've already got your NFT art ready or you're looking to start your own collection.

Now that the easy part is out of the way, you're left thinking... "well, now what?"

You've created thousands of pieces of art, but have no clue how to get them minted.

What you're most likely missing is the community aspect - the community is what builds the demand and hype around your project, leading to the value of your NFTs to rise.

Without a community, no one will know about your NFTs and you'll struggle to get any minted.

As we mentioned already, however, everyone's competing for attention in the NFT space - everyone wants their projects to be seen and so there's a lot of noise in the NFT community.

If you're not one of the lucky ones who gets to work with artists from Marvel and Disney or have Drake and Eminem invested in your collection, don't worry - there are still ways you can make your project stand out.

Here are 6 ways to market your NFT collection to guarantee you sell out... quickly.

Before we begin, don't forget to follow us on Twitter and stay tuned in our Discord group, as we're going to reveal our NFT collection to the public soon!

Good art

How To Market Your NFT Collection & Guarantee You Sell Out Quickly [NFT Art Marketing Strategies]

One of the most important things in the NFT community right now is, well, the art itself.

Different collections see varying levels of success.

However, the collections that I've seen blow up almost instantly are those with amazing artwork.

There was an NFT collection that managed to get over 100K members to their Discord group within the first 24 hours of launch.

It's likely one of the most hyped NFT projects so far, and are already on the road to creating their second collection.

After joining their Discord to learn more about what it is that led to their success, I was quickly told it was simply their artwork.

Looking through the sneak peek channel, I was able to understand the hype around the project.

It was a 3D, ultra-detailed project.

Although the roadmap wasn't special, the artwork was insane, and that's why so many people wanted to get involved.

When you have good artwork, you've got a much better chance of grabbing people's attention.

Although there are a ton of other factors that play a part in building your NFT success story, the artwork is the first thing that gets people's attention.

If you're on Twitter, you'll see many tweets of people mentioning how artwork is a crucial part of any collection.

Although projects like the Punks are successful, it's more of an iconic collection and not something people buy into for the hype.

If your team has the resources to do so, it's important you focus on creating the best possible artwork you can.

Good marketing material

How To Market Your NFT Collection & Guarantee You Sell Out Quickly [NFT Art Marketing Strategies]

Whichever social media platform you visit, you'll see the exact same things.

I believe that the expectations are far too low in the NFT space - the reason being is simply FOMO (The fear of missing out).

However, as people start to realise that NFTs are here to stay, they'll start to buy into projects, not based on fear, but true passion or market sentiment.

However, at this current moment, it's very easy to gain exposure for your NFT project.

All you need is a few cool NFTs from your collection to start marketing - a GIF works even better than static images.

However, we always want to go above and beyond, creating something never seen before in the NFT space.

Spend some extra capital or resources on creating great marketing material because it will pay dividends.

Let's put it this way.

Imagine you use a simple image advert to market your NFT collection

This can be an image of an NFT in your collection, or something related to it.

Out of 100 people who see your image, 2 or 3 might take action and join your Discord.

However, if we step it up just a bit and leverage GIFs instead of static images, this conversion quickly goes from 2-3 people, to 6-10 people.

Now, what if we stepped it up a notch.

What if instead of using simple GIFs, we create videos that explain our collection and the team behind it, show off the art, and talk about the roadmap - this is everything collectors need to know in a quick, 30-second video.

As long as the video can grab people's attention, you'll see your conversion rates skyrocket from around 10% to 20%+.

While it might take you longer to create a video, and could even be more expensive, the 10x increase in conversions from simple images, is definitely worth it.

Just because every other collection puts in little effort, it doesn't mean this is the best way to do things.

Going above and beyond will simply show people why your collection is better than all the other fly-by-night collections out there.

Paid advertising

How To Market Your NFT Collection & Guarantee You Sell Out Quickly [NFT Art Marketing Strategies]

Now we're getting into the real grit of it - this is where we really start to put things into action, and build our community.

We could have great artwork, amazing marketing material, however, if no one knows about it, then no one can talk about it, share it, and mint it.

Attention is the most important thing in getting an NFT collection to blow up. To build a community quickly, you need a lot of attention on your project at all times.

The fastest and likely most effective way to get in front of many people at once is through paid advertising.

However, there's a big problem with marketing NFT collections via paid advertising.

There are too many channels to advertise on, yet no one really knows what works best.

Sometimes, it could all be about testing the waters to see what works best for you.

For example, when we start marketing Crypto Apes Club publicly, we will need to test a series of platforms to see what works best.

Twitter and Discord are where the NFT community hangs out - however, the problem is that Twitter ads are far less effective than Facebook ads, Google ads, etc.

So does that mean we rule out Twitter marketing? Not necessarily, since Twitter is where 90% of the NFT community hangs out, it could be effective in this case to run paid marketing.

It doesn't end there - there are still multiple different channels:

  • Facebook ads
  • Instagram ads
  • TikTok ads
  • YouTube ads

Once again, it's all about testing to see what works best for you.

If you've gone ahead and created the video we mentioned in the previous step, you could leverage Tiktok or YouTube since these are more visual platforms.

However, if you're focused on image/GIF ads, you might stand a better chance on Facebook or Instagram.

I suggest allocating a small budget to test all platforms out and see what yields the best results.

You may want to run the adverts at different times to each other, since it is impossible (I think) to track Discord members as a conversion event on any of these platforms. 

(EDIT: To track conversions, create a separate Discord invite link for each platform you run ads on).

On the topic of paid marketing, there are tools like that allow you to market your project, however, if spending 2 ETH (over $6000) sounds like something you can afford, by all means, go for it!

Other than this, I suggest you read my article on setting up and launching your Facebook ad campaigns to get better clarity on how marketing works on these platforms.

If you're ready to go a step further, I've also talked about effective strategies to scale your ads.


How To Market Your NFT Collection & Guarantee You Sell Out Quickly [NFT Art Marketing Strategies]

Out of all the marketing strategies available, influencer adverts might be the most effective.

While you don't need to lie to people and say that the biggest influencers in the world are on board with your project, you are still able to get massive reach by leveraging smaller influencers.

There are hundreds, maybe thousands of NFT-related accounts with over 10,000 followers at least, on social media.

I would suggest starting here - and not going any lower unless the engagement levels say so.

From here, you'll want to make a list of all the accounts you'd want to reach out to for a possible partnership as you launch your NFT collection.

Don't worry, a partnership is a fancy way of saying 'I'll give you $X to promote my NFT collection.'

Before you start spamming people, you need to make sure that the people you're reaching out to have real engagement, and not just bought/fake followers.

A lot of people understand that the NFT space is a literal goldmine at the moment.

People, no what their experience, are scrambling to find a way to benefit from this growing trend, and so there will always be people on the other side looking to scam you.

In order to avoid getting scammed, you just do a bit of due diligence first.

Have they done any promotions or shout-outs before?

You want the answer to be yes, yet you don't want their entire feed to be full of promotion.

Do they have good engagement?

You want the likes, comments, retweets, etc, to align with their following.

If someone has 100,000 followers on Instagram and gets 100 likes a post, it might be a red flag, telling you to move on.

Once again, there are a ton of social platforms we can choose to run influencer ads on.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • TikTok
  • Even YouTube

Twitter and Instagram should be a no-brainer here. It's important you laser focus on one or two channels at most.

However, if you'd like to explore and test to see what yields the best results, you're welcome to try.

Note: Join our Discord server before we go public - lots of giveaways and opportunities to win free NFTs on the way.

Run contests

How To Market Your NFT Collection & Guarantee You Sell Out Quickly [NFT Art Marketing Strategies]

These final two methods work best when we've already established a small following or community.

Running a contest and getting your community involved is crucial to your project's success.

This is because, being a community-focused industry, it's important that your community feels valued.

They want to be a part of what it is that they're going to invest in. The more invested your community is, the more successful you'll be.

There are a ton of different contests you can run.

For example, many collections do things like 'people with the most invites to the Discord group would get whitelisted.'

This is popular, yet it might not be the most effective.

Although it will lead to a bunch of invites and maybe even new members, there are a ton of people who will sit down and invite fake accounts to join.

I read an article yesterday which shared a very cool and innovative contest idea.

People are turning their roadmaps/white papers into marketing material.

For example, once you've created your white paper, you're able to share it with the community and launch a contest or a challenge.

People will be involved in commenting on your white paper (a simple Google Doc) and sharing it with their friends and network.

You can weave in different challenges that tie into your NFT collection, or you can also giveaway whitelist spots and free NFTs.

Don't be scared to get creative - seeing one collection doing something doesn't instantly mean it's something you should be doing.

While one contest/competition might work well for one collection, it might not be a smashing success for yours.

Get creative and think of cool and engaging ways to get your community involved - there's no better marketing strategy than word of mouth marketing. 

Run giveaways

How To Market Your NFT Collection & Guarantee You Sell Out Quickly [NFT Art Marketing Strategies]

What better way to get people to join your NFT collection community than to give something away for free?

Giveaways are extremely effective marketing strategies to get people into your Discord group - they can be done even with a small number of followers because you're going to make the entry requirements clear.

All giveaways have basic requirements like:

  • Follow [X] and [Y] social accounts
  • Tag X people
  • Retweet, like, etc

However, aside from these 3 things, you can add in your own entry requirements too to spice things up.

A small Twitter account can amass thousands of followers simply by running a quick giveaway.

If you're on a tight budget, you might want to avoid giving away free NFTs.

In order to give away NFTs, you need to mint them yourself first - this costs money.

Instead, you might want to giveaway whitelist spots which still work extremely well and people love joining giveaways simply to get whitelisted.

The real power comes in when you can combine these strategies.

You can run a paid advert with a video and add a caption suggesting you've got a giveaway happening.

Or, you could run paid influencer adverts where they tell people you've got a contest happening.

There are so many ways to market your NFT collection - don't worry about the details, worry about starting now, and getting results.

It's only a matter of time till the NFT space gets extremely competitive, making it harder and harder to stand out.

While the barriers to entry might be low, they'll only continue to increase as new collections come out, the price of cryptocurrency increases, and people become more confident in NFTs and how they work.

That's how to market your NFT collection and guarantee you sell out quickly.

Did you find this article helpful? 

If so, please leave your thoughts in the comments below - let's get some conversations going!

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