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7 Real Ways You Can Get Rich Overnight... Kind Of [Foolproof Ways To Get Rich Quick]

7 Real Ways You Can Get Rich Overnight... Kind Of [Foolproof Ways To Get Rich Quick]
7 Real Ways You Can Get Rich Overnight... Kind Of 

Some people are going to love this article but some are also going to hate it.

The phrase 'overnight success' or 'get rich quick' has different effects on people.

Many people might immediately be switched on by it, hence the clickbait, others despise the sound of it.

For a while, I believed that getting rich overnight, was quite literally impossible.

I've been trying to build a successful, profitable business for over 2 years and am still nowhere near to 'rich,' never mind 'overnight.'

However, it seems as though every day, new things happen that make me rethink everything I thought I knew.

People dancing online are able to amass hundreds of millions of followers, people drawing pixels can make millions of dollars, and it just keeps happening.

It's for this exact reason that so many people believe in the idea of getting rich overnight.

They see it happen in the weirdest, sometimes most undeserved ways possible.

Is it really possible, however?

Yes! Anything is possible at the end of the day.

But is it realistic? Not quite.

While it is possible to get rich overnight, there is no map or road you can follow to get rich overnight.

While you can do things to increase your luck and chance of getting rich overnight, it's never guaranteed - like most other things in the world.

So how do we increase our chances of getting rich overnight?

I've come up with 7 real ways you can get rich overnight... well, sort of.

(Please don't sue if you're not a millionaire tomorrow :'( )

Go viral on social media

7 Real Ways You Can Get Rich Overnight... Kind Of [Foolproof Ways To Get Rich Quick]

The first way one can achieve overnight success is by becoming an internet sensation.

While this might sound daunting to some, especially people like me who are introverted and hate being in front of cameras, a lot of people might find this one interesting.

To be successful with social media, you need to know where to start.

For example, your chances of going viral on something like Facebook might not be as high as your chances of going viral on TikTok.

Today, TikTok is the most powerful tool to grow an audience rapidly.

The algorithm is built so that anyone, no matter your following or influence, has the chance to go viral.

On social media, you're truly only one video away from virality.

That's why you can literally achieve overnight success through social media - because of the chance of going viral from one single video.

Each platform will have its own little 'secret recipe.'

While TikTok is a little faster, more entertaining, and more musical videos, something like LinkedIn might be a little more laid back and professional.

If you're looking to go viral, I'd start with TikTok and create content that can be repurposed for things like Instagram (which is the second most powerful virality platform) and YouTube.

Some people who run podcasts get someone to create small snippets from their podcast which then becomes repurposed content for social media.

If coming up with content ideas is the hard part, don't worry, I've written an article before detailing how you can find unlimited social media post ideas.

Content creation is key, and remember, you're always one post away.

Build something that goes viral

If you don't want to go viral, or maybe you're a little camera shy, then don't worry. 

There are still 6 other ways to get rich overnight.

If being in front of cameras constantly is scary and too far out of your comfort zone, then maybe your product or service can steal the spotlight instead.

Not long ago, I had a cool idea - there are certain mobile apps, such as Monkey, which allow you to pair up with a random person across the world and talk for 30 seconds or so.

Within this time, you speak together or you can leave the call.

Although a lot can go wrong, it was a very fun app while it lasted, and many people who created content on Monkey and posted it to YouTube became pretty successful.

My idea, seeing as there's a big shift towards AR (augmented reality) technology, was to create a Monkey-alternative application that turns your face into a cartoon, sort of like the Apple 3D emoji.

Although I didn't decide to pursue the idea, a few weeks later, my girlfriend, who's a TikTok fanatic, told me that there were a lot of people posting videos on TikTok on a new app which sounded a lot like my idea!

After I had a quick look around, she was right! It was my idea.

Sometimes, you know what might go viral and I was right that one time.

This app was made with the ability to go viral - a lot of people would love to jump on a new and fun bit of technology like it, and so it was the perfect solution.

Add on the fact that many people are self-conscious about the way they look, you have yourself a billion-dollar idea.

The marketing? Your users will do that for you!

Of course, you don't need to go and build an AR-related application now.

However, the ideas are all around you, just get creative and start bubbling up some ideas.

Think of an idea that has a large market and the chance to go viral.

That's your golden ticket to overnight success.

Another example would be Flappy Birds - yes, remember that phone game that came out a few years back and ended up closing down?

It went viral, but it doesn't mean any other game will also go viral - sometimes it really is just about luck.

Build connections with people

"Your network is your net worth."

Very corny line said by a lot of people, yet there's a glimpse of truth to it.

Business and success are always built on people.

Success is built on relationships, always.

You don't go and sell your products or services to a cat.

You don't get crocodiles to watch your YouTube videos or social media content - people do.

People buy your products.

People deal with people - that's how success works.

So that's exactly why it's so important that you build connections with the right people.

Attend online or offline meetups that are easily found with a simple Google search.

I'm not going to go in-depth on how to find and network with people, there are enough articles and videos on that which essentially all say the same things.

Instead, I want to go a step further and tell you exactly how important networking is.

Imagine you meet someone, let's say you meet the owner of a new startup business.

That person already has 100s of other people in his close network.

Now you're essentially one contact away from 100s of people.

Now let's say that you ask for an introduction and you're introduced to his lawyer friend.

You now have a valuable contact in your corner, who also knows hundreds of others - entrepreneurs at that.

After talking to two people, you now have access to 100s of other people.

Any one of those people can be your golden ticket to success.

When you meet people, you never know where one conversation can lead you.

Make it a habit that you build new relationships regularly.

Invest in penny stocks

Many people might not understand what penny stocks are.

"Why don't we just invest in stocks?"

Investing doesn't get you rich. Overnight at least.

The financial markets are designed to be a better way for people to store their money and make more from it than if it were just laying around in a bank.

Whenever you invest in a company through the stock market, you're essentially becoming a small stakeholder in that company.

You've given the company capital to invest in its growth and so when the company does well, the stock could go up, and you make a return on your investment.

Penny stocks are exactly the same - with one big difference.

You're not investing in Apple.

You're not investing in Microsoft, Tesla, or Amazon.

You're investing in (mainly) new companies, those that just hit the stock market.

Those that recently had an IPO and are now listed on the stock market will usually be penny stocks.

This is because the value of every penny stock is less than a dollar.

Now while this might sound fun, it's also very risky.

When you invest in Apple, you're almost 100% sure your money is safe and will grow over time.

(This is NOT financial advice.)

However, if you invest in penny stocks, there's a much higher level of risk involved

You don't know where the price of this stock might be in the next 6 months, the next 12 months, or the next 5 years.

With this increased risk, you also have increased upside potential.

While Apple's stock might cost $175 apiece right now.

Buying 1 Apple stock that reaches $200 is only around a 14% return. Still very solid.

However, with a penny stock, buying 5 stocks at 50 cents each will cost you $2.50.

If this stock then goes up to $2 per stock, you've essentially made 300% on your investment.

Now think about this on a larger scale.

What if you bought 1000 stocks. 10,000 stocks.

Do you see the potential?

That's another way to get rich overnight.

Invest in cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is similar to the stock market, but it's currently much more volatile.

The Crypto market is run a lot more by FOMO (fear of missing out) than anything else.

Many people don't understand what makes a cryptocurrency's value go up and so they don't know why they should invest.

However, they see someone making $20,000 per trade online, and they want to replicate their success.

This pushes prices much higher than they're supposed to be, leading to more volatile swings in the market.

It's important to know that with more volatility comes more risk.

The more volatile the market is, the larger the retracements will be (when the market pulls back to consolidate.)

Cryptocurrencies are almost like penny stock trading.

There's a much lower market cap for most currencies and so it's much easier for someone to influence the price of these currencies.

However, looking at something like the Forex market or the Stock market - only big institutions and banks can influence the price drastically which is essentially price manipulation.

If you're able to learn all about cryptocurrency, learn why their value goes up, what utility they have, then you could stand a chance at getting rich overnight with cryptocurrencies.

Once again, this is NOT financial advice!

Create an NFT collection

7 Real Ways You Can Get Rich Overnight... Kind Of [Foolproof Steps To Get Rich Quick]

This has to be my favorite method on the list, however, I wouldn't call it a get-rich-quick scheme.

Starting an NFT collection is almost like starting a business.

However, the reason I really like NFTs and creating an NFT collection is that there is currently so much potential.

Anyone can become the next Amazon, the next Google, the next Facebook with NFTs and the metaverse.

It's a completely new space to many people and so there is still a lot of untapped potential waiting to be discovered.

You know when people talk about blue oceans? NFTs and the metaverse is a massive blue ocean at the moment - there's no better time to get in than now.

If you'd like a place to start, I recommend you read my article on NFTs.

It goes through all the basics you need to know about NFTs and how they work.

Many people don't like NFTs because they're afraid of the inevitable change that is happening.

That article should ease any worries you had and show you why NFTs are actually really cool.

After that, you can read my article on creating an NFT collection.

You might be hearing news of people selling digital art for millions, but it doesn't just happen for no reason.

Similar to how stocks work, NFTs are the same.

There's a limited amount and so collections that are able to build a really strong and tight-knit community will see massive gains because not everyone is able to get a piece of the pie.

Once again, I don't want to explain everything as I've already written dedicated articles on the matter.

However, NFT's are more like a full-time business that you need to get to, or else it simply wouldn't work.

Every day, I see people coming into the space and hoping to make a quick buck from terrible artwork they got their baby sister to draw.

It's not about the art, it's about the utility behind it, the roadmap ahead, the founding team, and the community.

When all of these are in place, you have high perceived value and so your NFT collection will become more valuable.

I recommend you join our Discord server early as this is an amazing time to ask questions and get them answered.

Soon, we're going to go all out on marketing, and so we believe there will quickly be an influx of members.

Win the lottery

Finally, here's something to lighten the mood.

Go to your nearest corner shop and ask the store owner if they do something called 'lotteries.'

If they do, then buy as many tickets as possible (not financial advice) and play your luck at winning the lottery.

If you win, congratulations!

If you lose, better luck next time.

Once again, I highly suggest you join our NFT Discord server early before there's an influx of members joining.

I really believe that our collection and my vision for this project will become the biggest metaverse project in the world.

We're standing at the bottom of Mount Everest, and we can barely see any higher.

Those were 7 real ways you can get rich overnight... well, kind of.

Did you find this article helpful? 

If so, please leave your thoughts in the comments below - let's get some conversations going!

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