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102 Profitable Business Ideas You Can Start Today

102 Profitable Business Ideas You Can Start Today
102 Profitable Business Ideas You Can Start Today (2021)

One of the biggest barriers new entrepreneurs face is what business they're going to start.

We often times believe there are a lack of good ideas worth pursuing and so we don't follow our dreams.

The truth is that although everything seems like it's been done, there are still thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of gaps worth filling.

You don't need to reinvent the wheel, just do something that there is real demand for.

Finding the idea is not the issue, it's the execution that people fall short on.

To make your journey easier, here are 102 profitable business ideas anyone can start or work towards, starting today.

1. Social Media Manager

Businesses and influencers dislike spending time on managing their social platforms. As a freelance manager, you can easily build a six figure business managing client's social media accounts.

2. Web Designer

As more people start businesses, the demand for websites will only go up. Starting off, you can charge $100 to $1000 per site, which can easily climb into the 5 figure per site range with testimonials.

3. Tutor

Do you specialise in a certian subject? Most parents (hopefully) care about their children's educations and so tutors are always high in demand. Check online ofr tutoring sites.

4. Life Coaching

A lot of people seek direction through a life coach. It's a simple business to set up, and once you have your first client, the others will come much easier. 

5. Instagram Coaching/Consulting

Social media is growing faster day by day and more people are looking to grow their Instagram accounts. If you know some tips and tricks on growing social media acounts, you can coach other influencers with this!

6. Running Facebook Ads

As competition grows, businesses need to learn to utlisie more customer acquisition channels. Facebook is one of the most effective ways to grow a business and so you can charge $1000+ per month per client for this service.

Start a marketing agency and grow it.

7. Amazon Reseller 

Selling on Amazon is very simple. Find a product that's in demand, bulk order it to an Amazon fulfillment center, create a killer listing, and start selling! It's a simple and effective way to start selling online.

8. Virtual Assistant

Small businesses are always on the lookout for a great virtual assistant who can get the job done. Good VA's can often charge up to $20/hr or more.

9. Google ad Specialist

Google ads are arguably better than Facebook ads - when people search on Google, they search with intent. 

Therefore, businesses invest a lot into Google ads specialists to help them run their businesses' ads.

10. Creating Online Courses

Course creators are some of the highest paid entrepreneurs. Do you think you have knowledge about a sepcific topic others don't? Create a course and build a personal brand to start selling it. Use these outreach strategies to also find people interested in it.

You can easily get started on Skillshare.

11. Pet Sitter

67% of USA households own pets! That's a crazy statistic and an even better business opportunity.

If you love pets, you can charge upwards of $30/hr taking care of people's pets and quickly turn it into a lucrative business model.

12. Etsy Seller 

Selling on Etsy is very simple. If you're good at making things, both online or physically, you can sell it on Etsy.

It's a great way to get into eCommerce with no experience.

13. eBay Reseller

Selling on eBay is something that has personally worked really well for me. I was able to make an extra $2000-$4000 per month in revenue reselling technology/gadgets on eBay.

14. Freelance Content Writer

Content is becoming one of the most popular means of marketing. It's free and effective.

Problem is that many business owners don't like writing content and so thry hire professionals to take care of it.

You can easily get paid upwards of $3000+ per month per client writing content.

15. Video Spokesperson

If you're any good at talking you'll love this! Your job is to gather as many prospects as possible and get them to try a service - something many businesses are starting to invest in.

16. Wedding Photographers

Couples love to cherish the best moment in their lives and make sure it's special. 

If you're a good photographer, this can be a great business model to start, and a lucrative one too!

17. Special Occasion Photographer

Similar to weddings, there are many occasions people want photos taken.

Birthdays, gender reveal parties, and more!

Specialise in a single occasion and build a small yet profitable business around it.

18. Uber driver

The demand for Uber drivers goes up every day.

With time and effort, you can easily start to make up to $3000/month as an Uber driver.

19. App developer

Developers are increasingly becoming more and more popular with many receiving a salary of $100K+ per year.

As a development company, youu can easily build a multi-six figure company in a year or less.

20. Airbnb Hosting

As people start traveling again, it's inevitable that living space will be needed.

If you have a spare room, or even a spare house, you can rent it out on Airbnb to make some extra money on the side.

21. Music Lessons

Music is a profitable industry and those who do music lessons, online even, are making a great living.

Starting with one or two students, you can quickly grow to an entire class whilst make six figures or more.

22. Selling Bake Goods

Any good in the kitchen? If so, this is both a fun and profitable business idea.

Bake something you love and start selling it online or outdoors to make some extra income, who knows where this can lead!

23. Instagram Influencer 

Influencers have fans that would support you no matter what you do.

Build a small following and start a business afterwards to guarantee you'll have customers.

24. Auto Detailing

Who doesn't like having a nice-looking car? You can charge a few hundred dollars per car upgrade you make.

25. Lawn Care Services

A lot of houses around the world have a garden or a lawn.

Simply going around and asking people to cut their grass can net you a great income at the end of the day.

26. Event Planning

I've heard some people get paid around $50,000 per event.

Event planning is a great business model that also gives you the opportunity to meet the people you want to meet.

27. Pet Groomer

Pet owners are always looks for professionals to take care of their pets.

This is a great opportunity to start a pet grooming business that can make you six-figures a year with the right effort and enough time.

28. Start a Clothing Line

One of my favorite business modelsi s starting a clothing line.

With the power of print on demand, you no longer need to worry about buying invetntory, simply create a design and test it's demand.

29. Bike Delivery

Don't have a car? No worries, there are 1000s if not more people delivering food from DoorDash and Uber eats every day making a few thousands dollars extra per month.

30. Rent your Car

If you're not always outdoors and own a car, you can simply rent it out to others for some extra cash. Eventually, this can turn into a car dealership business that pays you millions per year.

31. Office Cleaning

All business owners and companies want to make sure their offices are clean.

Starting an office cleaning company can net you a great income whilst providing jobs for people who may not be able to find one.

32. Build a WordPress Plugin

WordPress is still one of the most popular website builders available.

Building a plugin can very quickly net you a six-figure income.

33. Start a Blog 

Check out! Blogging is both fun, educating, and can net you a good income after enough time.

34. Start a Vlog

Maybe you enjoy creating videos more? Instead of blogging, post your blogs in video form on YouTube.

35. Start a Podcast

Millions of people listen to podcasts.

It's a great way to build an audience, an income, and get influencers or businesses paying you for adverts.

36. Personal Trainer

People are very concsious of their bodies.

If you're into fitness, becoming a personal trainer can be a great side-hustle. You can start online over Zoom, or even find local clients that pay you a few hundred per session.

37. Nutritionist

Again, this is great if you're into fitness.

Find clients looking to reach some of their health and fitness goals and help them do that!

You can quickly build a six figure income doing this, whilst helping people get fitter.

38. Business Consulting

Business owners love it when they have someone they can vent to about their business.

Sometimes having a third party take a look at your business can be very helpful.

Become a business consultant and build a profitable business whilst helping others grow theirs.

39. Child Care Services

Starting some sort of day care can be a great business. You can start with one family, get some testimonials and quickly grow your customer base after that family spreads the word. 

40. Tax Preparation

No one likes doing taxes.

That's why business owners love it when they find people who can do this for them.

Preparing a company's taxes can net you a cool six-figure income.

41. Buying Domain Names

Have you ever tried to buy a site domain and wasn't able to becaues it's taken? Chances are that someone bought it in the hopes of flipping it for a profit.

42. Food Trucks

Who doesn't love food? Starting a small food truck business making your favorite food can quickly grow into a thriving business.

43. Drone Services

Enjoy flying drones? This is a very powerful hobby to have as it can also net you a multi six-figure income.

Real estate agents and video creators hire people who can fly drones daily!

44. Junk Removal

Junk removal is a simple business with not much competition compared to the online space.

Starting alone, you can quickly build a six-figure business from it.

45. Caregiver

Over 3/4 of elderly people in the USA want to receive care. You can start this business for free and grow it over time, charging $30, $40, or $50 per hour.

46. Home Cleaner

Cleaning your house is usually a very tiresome task. Cleaning people's homes can easily net you a high income whilst being able to find clients fairly quickly.

47. Computer Repair

People charge a lot for repairing computers.

All you have to do is have the skillset to fix computers and charge slightly less for your service than the competition.

48. Jewelry Designer

Building a jewelry company is both profitable and fun too!

Owning your own jewelry brand can quickly grow into an international business that is known everywhere.

49. Home Inspector

When investors want to invest in homes, they usually call on home inspectors to help them make the final call.

You can easily net a few hundred dollars for an hour or two of your time.

50. DJ

If you've got a knack for music, becoming a DJ can quickly grow into a lucrative business.

Look at DJ Khalid! There is always room for more musical talent in the USA and around the world.

51. Car Reselling

Finding underpriced cars on Craigslist or Gumtree and reselling them for a profit can be a great side-hustle that you can turn into a business.

Find some great deals, some that could use a bit of fixing up, and resell the cars for higher.

52. Credit Repair Specialist

People are always borrowing money and so they need great credit scores.

Helping people increase or fix their credit scores can net you a great income.

53. Graphic Designer

Are you good at designing digital assets? 

If so, you can easily sell your skills online on Upwork or Fiverr and grow a small side-hustle from it making $1000+ per month.

54. Financial Budgeting 

If you're responisble with money, you can use this trait to help business owners do the same,

Business owners will pay a lot of money for people to help them manage their own business.

55. Painting

Painting is a simple business model that can start as a sole trader.

Once you see that you're getting many clients and reviews, hiring others to help you can be the start of a small business.

56. Triathlete/ Running Coaching

Athletes are always training and so their trainers/coaches earn a lot of money.

If you're good at a sport, you can start to sell your service to athletes and earn a full time living. 

57. Career coach

Career coaches help people or organizations grow their careers. Starting small, you can grow this into a lucrative business quickly whilst helping people with their careers. 

58. Concierge Services

Concierge services can take many forms.

You can do cars, shopping, and much more.

Simply find a need in the market, and if it fits your skillsets, start doing it!

59. Smartphone Repair

I've personally seen my sister break her phone once a month.

This is a great business model that can net you $1000+ per month from a few repairs per month.

Once again, you'll want to charge a little less than the competition to get started.

60. Software Developer

Developers are in demand and making six-figures or more.

If you're any good at developing, you can start building software for people or businesses and qucikly grow it into a software development company making millions per year.

61. Content Marketing

Content is a great way to market for businesses, however, many business owners don't know how to effectively impelement this.

You can get paid a lot given the fact that you can provide real results.

62. Content Editing

Content editing requires a delicate blend of resonating with the audience whilst being strong enough to fit in with all social media platforms.

As more companies create online content, this role will be more and more relevant.

63. Videographer

Video is not only needed by businesses but by individuals aswell.

If you're a good videographer, you can sell your services online and eventually build a video company from it.

64. Video Editor

Starting online, you can charge people $100s of dollars to edit and perfect their videos.

A lot of people make videos yet struggle with retention. If you can increase this, you become invaluable.

65. E-commerce

eCommerce is growing rapidly and said to reach almost $6.4 trillion by 2024.

Starting an eCommerce business is both simple, fulfilling, and a lot cheaper than physical stores.

Take a look at this dropshipping article to learn more.

66. Resume Writer

Many job seekers may have the skills but lack the ability to write a powerful resume.

Go o Fiverr and offer your resume writing services.

Within a year, you'll be making a great living.

67. Motivational Speaker

Motivation speakers earn a lot and also get invited to speak at many events.

Start blogging, or even making videos on your own YouTube channel or social media platforms.

This will raise awareness and get you seen by event managers.

68. Fashion Blogger/Vlogger

Fashion is one of the most popular industries people read or watch.

Starting a blog or vlog around fashion can quickly grow into a lucrative business and lead into other things like your own clothing line.

69. business Promoter

If you like promoting, this is perfect for you.

Start a door-to-door promotion business and find companies looking for your service, for example solar companies.

This can be a wildly profitable business when executed correctly.

70. Music Production

Production companies are always in demand because up and coming artists are looking for help getting their music out to the public.

Starting small with smaller artists, you can quickly grow a well known and reputable company.

71. White label supplement

Supplement companies are always in demand, however, it could be difficult to start.

You need to find the right suppliers with the right certificates and regulations in place to make sure that you're able to safely sell these suppliments.

It requires lots of testing which can easily pay off in the future.

72. Mechanic

Mechanics can make a bunch of money. Some even make a few thousand from a day's work.

There are already many mechanics, lots of reputable ones too.

Adding a spin on your business, for example, being a mobile mechanic can help you stand out and start growing.

73. Locksmith 

Although this could be a fulfilling business to start, it does require lots of research, licenses, and study to get started.

74. Wedding Planner

Wedding planners make a lot of money because weddings are very special moments in people's lives.

People will pay $10,000+ to make sure that their wedding goes as well as possible.

If you've got a knack for planning, this could be a profitable business for you.

75. Moving Services

Moving is a simple business to start.

The main challenge is going to be having a large enough vehicle, something like trucks, to carry people's belongings.

Other than this, you're able to make $2000+ per household you help with moving.

76. T-shirt Business

T-shirts are some of the most popular pieces of clothing.

There are many people who design T-shirts using print on demand sites and sell them on those sites (like Redbubble) to make a great living.

77. Sandwich Shop

If you like making sandwiches, you can quickly start a sandwich shop by posting up in a popular location where you have permission, and start selling your food to people.

Once you see it's growing in popularity, you can think about hiring people and setting up a more legit shop.

78. Catering

Catering services are both very profitable and highly demanded.

Weddings, birthdays, and many more occasions are always looking for catering services and so you can start this with a friends or family members.

79. Snow Plow Services

A massive problem, especially in times of Christmas is the snow.

Starting a snow plow business, although seasonal, can be a very profitable business.

80. Mobile Makeup Artist

If you've got a passion for the makeup and beauty industry, you're going to like this.

Being a mobile makeup artist, you're going to need to travel to clients and helping them get ready for a special occasion.

This is a great way to make some extra income.

81. Handyman Services

Handyman services are always in demand because many people simply don't understand the work needed to fix something at their home.

Handymen make a great income nad work on their own schedule.

82. Selling eBooks

Selling eBooks on Amazon is a great and profitable business.

You can write your own eBooks or do some research on the popular eBook topics and get freelancers to write thme for you.

83. Internet Marketing

Internet marketing services are becoming increasingly more popular throughout all industries.

This has created a great opportunity for many people, including you, to start an online marketing company that covers things like paid ads, or SEO.

84. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marekting is simple in the fact that you only find products and advertise them for a commission.

Sites like Clickbank house a ton of products that can be advertised which can end up nettig you a 50%+ commission.

85. House Sitting 

People who love traveling face one problem - their house.

Starting as a side-hustle, you could offer house sitting services to people who travel for a period of time or people who are going out and need their house watched.

This can be a profitable and simple side-hustle to start and grow into something big.

86. Fiverr Gigs

No matter what your talents are, there is always something for you to do on Fiverr.

Go through Fiverr and look at the various tasks people are doing for others.

Find something you like doing and offer it as a service on Fiverr.

87. Voice Over Specialist

I've had to hire voice over specialist before for my previous project, Condensr.

You're able to charge people a lot of money simply for reading out a script with your voice.

You can start small and charge $100s of dollars for short scripts.

88. Selling Stock Images

If you've got imagery that you want to monetize, you can look for stock image sites that offer a commission to their providers.

This enables you to sell your images that you take for free, access a large pool of users who may be interested in buying your images, and make some extra income.

89. Open a Restaurant

Resturants can make a great business when executed correctly.

If you love to cook, you can start by selling food through a stand and grow it into a full-fledged resturant.

It's a fulfilling business to own.

90. Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning carpets can be a nightmare.

That's why a lot of people pay up to $100 or more per sqaure meter to get their carpets cleaned.

All you need are the right tools to get started. Begin with your neighbours, get testimonials, and grow over time.

91. Dog Walker

If you're a dog lover, you can turn this into a small side-hustle.

Find neighbours or people you know who may be busy and own dogs and ask them if you could walk their dogs for them.

This can easily net you some extra cash on the side.

92. Local Tour Guide

If you've been living in a city that receives a lot of tourists, you can think about becoming a local tour guide.

This simple and fun side-hustle can net you a few hundred dollars per day extra and can even grow into something larger.

You can get started by looking around the internet for sites that can help you get started.

93. Teaching People How to Code

Like we established - coding is an increasingly popular skill.

A lot of people want to learn to code but don't know where to get started.

You can start teaching on Fiverr, go to people you know, school friends, or even create and sell courses on Skillshare.

94. Subscription Box Service

People love subscription services because they don't need to worry about buying them every week or month.

Things like Dollar Shave Club are great examples because they're subcsription box services that have become massive and profitable.

Find something people need on a weekly or monthly basis and sell it as a subscription.

95. Life Insurance Professional 

Life insurance offers you the largest commissions in the insurance industry since it often provides 100% or even more of the premium. To get started, you need approval and a strong understanding of the profession.

96. Bookkeeping and Accounting

No business owner likes to take care of their own accounting and bookkeeping.

This makes for a great opportunity as you'll be able to offer your services to these businesses.

Start with a few clients and branch out with testimonials.

97. Data Entry

Data entry is a mundane task that not many people like doing, once again.

If you've got the ability and patience, you can easily start a small side-hustle online through Upwork or Fiverr and eventually grow it into your own company.

Here's an article on if you should work for free in the beginning.

98. Logo Design

Logos are important because they tell people what your business is, and how it communicates its message with customers.

Lot's of people don't know how to create an effective logo and so this can be a great opportunity to offer your services to new businesses.

You can start on Fiverr or other platforms which use an auction system.

99. Task Rabbit

It hurts me to talk about task rabbit because it's a business I had thought of with a few friends a couple years ago.

It's a simple way to offer a wide range of services, such as handymen tasks, to people who need them.

You can get compensated well for it too! 

100. Professional Organizer

Your environment can directly affect your productivity and mood.

That's why organizers are sought after.

If you've got an eye for design and detail, this could be a great opportunity for you.

101. Language tutor

Many people are always looking to learn a new language.

If you're multilingual, you'll be able to teach people languages online or through language learning sites.

This is a high-paying and fulfilling side-hustle that can turn into something bigger.

102. Franchise

Finally, this is something I want to do in thr future.

Franchising is finding a physical business you like and starting your own one.

For example, if you like McDonalds, you can choose to franchise your own McDonalds.

Although startup costs are high, it can be a great business model to look into.

That's it!

Did you find this article helpful?

If so, please comment below which businesses you're going to try or which you've already tried.

Share this with others looking to start their own business and let's help more people realize their dreams.

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