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Why It Is Easier Than Ever To Start A Business [Starting A Business Today]

Why It Is Easier Than Ever To Start A Business [Starting A Business Today]
Why It Is Easier Than Ever To Start A Business

I understand today's entrepreneurial frustrations.

For most millenials and gen-z entrepreneurs, it feels like we're at the forefront of innovation.

I just finished reading the book 'The E-myth Revisited,' and the epilogue contained a quote that motivated me to get up and write this article.

For the record, this marks the 100th article in 100 consecutive days (almost...).

The quote read 'Humandkind has experienced more change in the last twenty years than it has in the 2000 that preceded them.'

It hit me - most of our younger generation entrepreneurs were born at the inception of the digital era.

Not only has technology advanced immeasurably over the past few decades, it's led to an unsurmountable level of change that people must adapt to.

In today's world, you either adapt or get left behind.

When we look back over success stories of our current world billionaires and millionaires, even, we see people who rose to the top at the dawn of the new world.

Jeff Bezos started Amazon when the internet was just gaining popularity.

Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook with only a few other social networks available.

Google begun when the information in our world was so cluttered and disorganized, it was a blatant problem yearning for a solution. 

They must have gotten lucky to get in right before such a drastic technologoic change.

Here in lies our problem.

Today's society views success as a lucky strike, we ignore the climb, and only focus on what's at the top of the peak.

We only see the results and feel bad for ourselves for 'missing the opportunity.'

We need to open our eyes and see the opportunities created, rather than the ones lost.

We need to see the competition, not as a barrier to entry, but as validation for our entry.

I've always thought like this - I believed that we're at a time where it's harder than ever to be successful.

I believed we're unlucky to be born in alignment with such change.

I was too blind to see that, In fact, we're the lucky ones. It's nothing but a limiting belief that we all must overcome.

That's why in this article, I wanted to argue why it is easier than ever to start a business in today's landscape.

Low costs

Why It Is Easier Than Ever To Start A Business [Starting A Business Today]

A little over 100 years ago, there were no cars.

There were no planes.

Our fastest methods of transport were horses, until the 'horseless carriage' was born.

A superior machine that outperformed the horse.

An era where transportation was lacking simplicity and efficiency.

An era where the only way to transport goods and services was by foot or by sea where it tooks months for shipments to arrive.

100 years ago, there was no such thing as MVPs (minimum viable products), you either risked your money to start a thriving business, or you stayed dirt poor.

100 years ago, they weren't able to order a few samples from China to test a new dropshipping product.

You either went big or got sent home.

Businessmen spent 100s of thousands of dollars testing and building, most of which led to failure and wasted capital.

Today, on the other hand, we have things like same day delivery.

I just picked up my phone and ordered a few books on Amazon, two of which are arriving today.

I took a second look at my phone because I couldn't believe my eyes.

When in a million years did our ancestors think this age will ever come?

An age where with a few clicks, you can have products shipped directly to you within the same day.

It's cheaper than ever to start a business today, no matter what verticle we look at.

In tech, there are simple platforms you can use to build whatever you can think of - all for free in some cases.

When I started Hawk Prospecting, I had no technical knowledge and the quotes I received from developers were absurd.

A week later, I discovered technology that could help a clueless non-tech founder build a vastly complicated software and monetize it within a few weeks.

When we look at the state of eCommerce, we're able to start online businesses from anywhere in the world, sell to any part of the planet, all from the comforts of our own homes.

There are 12 year olds, 15 year olds, stomping the status quo and making money no one thought possible in a lifetime a few years back.

With the rise of talent, there is inevitably a rise in competition.

With competition, prices will naturally decrease, lower and lower.

This is a golden opportunity for us today - we can capitalize on this and reap rewards never imagined before.

Great tech

Why It Is Easier Than Ever To Start A Business [Starting A Business Today]

Technology is at the forefront of every great advancement made in our modern era.

We went from factories full of hundreds or thousands of workers to factories where half the workforce are machines tasked with the completion of monotonous tasks.

We went from typewriters to keyboards and computers, computers to slim mobile devices that fit in the palm of our hands.

Devices that can send and receive text messages or phone calls within a split second.

Every mother, father, grandparent, and child has a mobile device of some sort today.

Every household has a coloured television and an internet connection.

More importantly, every business has the wider web at it's disposable.

An endless pit of tools and software, infinitely designed to help people succeed in their lives or businesses.

On the other end of it, there's the harrowing presence of social media, the dark side of the internet.

No matter what you're looking to accomplish, there will be one tool or another at your disposal for a small monthly fee.

Are you a course creator? Try Skillshare.

Looking to create your own NFT and live out your digital artist dreams? Try Photoshop.

Maybe you're looking to learn all about cooking - YouTube has you covered.

Got a complicated software that needs a massive server to run? 

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has your back.

With the velocity that technology advances every day, we're being introduced to newer, better, and more efficient ways of doing things.

Only a few years ago, developing a software could have taken a few years on average.

Today, a fresh face can build you a software from scratch within a few months.

We have so much at our disposal, I understand where the misconception lies.

The internet can seem like a dark, bottomless pit, impossible to navigate.

However, it's never been easier to find anything you might be looking for or ask for help in finding it through places were millions of people aggregate.

Facebook, Quora, Reddit - all tools designed to help you explore the maze we call the internet.

Abundant knowledge

Why It Is Easier Than Ever To Start A Business [Starting A Business Today]

That leads on perfectly to our next point.

No matter which turn we take today, there is always something we can learn.

YouTube videos, online textbooks, mentors over Zoom, Skillshare, books, and so much more.

No matter what you're looking to learn, there will be something out there to help you learn it.

Not long ago, the only way to learn the secrets of the rich was to be born one.

Being born into a rich family was the only way to guarantee your success.

The reason the rich ascended higher whilst the poor stayed stagnant in their poverty was a lack of knowledge and guidance.

The poor knew nothing of how the rich got to where they are, there was no book that told them why the rich only seem to get ever more richer.

Today, we've completely unpacked the art of building generational wealth and living a life with no regret.

Wherever you look, there are 'gurus' looking to teach you the untold secrets of entrepreneurship.

The truth is, knowledge is so widely available today, you don't need to pay a dime for it.

You don't need to pay a failed entrepreneur promising you they know exactly how business works.

You don't need to attend a seminar across the world to hear your favorite millionaire speak.

Today's problem is not about the lack of knowledge, it's actually about it's abundance.

We become too overloaded with information that it becomes extremely hard to act on the right intel.

Whilst one source tells you one thing, the other tells you a complete different story.

We become trapped in a cycle of constant hunger for more, that we fail to realise that our immobilization is what's causing us to fail.

The more we learn, the harder it becomes to take action - and that's what's needed to succeed.

We don't need the '500 secrets that only the wealthy know about business,' we need to know how to take action on what we already know.

The level of information out there that's freely available today can make anyone with the right mindset wealthy.

It's simple to go out and find a source of truth. It's simple to order a book on Amazon. It's simple to sign up for a course.

The internet and the abundance of information have provided us with these benefits.

All we need to know is in our grasps, what we fail to acquire is the courage to seize it.



Those are the two real secrets to success.

Without these two, you can't be successful - you already know the rest.

Consumer habits changing

Why It Is Easier Than Ever To Start A Business [Starting A Business Today]

Monopolies might have been real a long time ago.

There were companies that owned any and everything you could set your eyes on.

Companies existed that cast a shadow over the industry causing any tiny entrepreneur looking to start a business to quiver in fear.

I believe that monopolies exist not due to the size of a business, but because of it's influence on people and consumers.

A long time ago, people were much more close minded than they are today.

They only saw one thing that they trusted and never steered away from it.

However, today's consumers have a much more open mind.

They don't only purchase from the best known brands like Nike or Apple.

They're a lot more open to trying new things, and supporting smaller companies.

New things are interesting.

New things are fun.

Although we see businesses like Amazon and immediately think of a monopoly, there is nothing that stops businesses from competing with Amazon.

Heck, Amazon invites it's competitors to sell on their own platform.

Amazon is not harming eCommerce businesses, it's not harming small companies, it's providing them an opportunity.

While it may have been very daunting to try and compete with large companies a few years ago, today's consumers are begging for some new, innovative solutions.

They're constantly on the lookout for new trends and patterns.

It's never been easier to compete.

Competition should never be feared, it should be seen from a lens of gratitude.

The competition has paved the way, they have failed for us so we can learn about what doesn't work.

It's time to stop looking at the world with a scarcity mindset.

It's time to open our eyes to the opportunity at hand and grasp it.

It's time to really change our lives and the world around us.

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