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These 3 Things Will Change Your Life Forever (Life-Changing Habits)

These 3 Things Will Change Your Life Forever (Life-Changing Habits)
These 3 Things Will Change Your Life Forever

Almost two years ago, I took the first independent step in my life and started my first ever business.

I had decided to steer away from the herd and build a business of my own, a business that I can one day look back at and be proud of.

Until that point, I just strolled through life, aimlessly following the status quo - going to school every day to find a job and waiting for a lucky break.

Once the pandemic hit, I saw multiple doors closing in front of my eyes, forcing me to think outside the box and do something no one else I knew dared to do.

I put everything on the line by leaving my formal education behind me and taking the driver seat in my own life.

It was scary, it still is scary - the feeling of being left behind while others seem like they're progressing in their own lives is daunting.

Over the past two years, although it's been hard, I feel that I've learned more than I ever could have through school alone.

I feel that I've managed to become 10X who I could have been had I gone to university.

I've learned skills that, no matter where my life goes, will ensure that I have a job wherever I look.

I've learned about hard work, I've learned about gratitude, I've learned how nothing will ever come to you easily and that the only way to get to where you want to be is to put in the work and work on yourself simultaneously.

All these things, all the lessons, and experiences have come from these 3 habits that I will discuss with you today.

Over the past two years, I have been working on building and refining these 3 habits that have shaped the direction of my life forever.

These 3 habits are the foundations of any successful person in the making.

Every billionaire, millionaire, and high-figure earner alike share these 3 habits in some way, shape, or form.

These 3 things will change your life forever.


These 3 Things Will Change Your Life Forever (Life-Changing Habits)

I despised reading a few years ago.

The books we were being forced to read were only useful from a literary sense. They had no real wisdom, no real lessons ingrained within them that had the impact of changing my way of thinking.

That's the reason I read, it's the reason I spend the first segment of my days buried in the endless pages of my books.

Reading my first entrepreneurial and business book, I went in skeptical, however, every wealthy person spoke highly of reading.

I went into it with the idea of being quickly disappointed, if reading was the answer to success, how come there aren't more successful people?

However, the first time I picked up a book and started to read it, I felt something inside me wake up, something that hasn't seen the light of day for a while.

I felt my creativity coming back to me, I felt my neurons bouncing around endlessly, exploring new ideas, new thoughts. 

I was interested in something for the first time in a long time.

I was intrigued by something that wasn't the dopamine from gaming all day.

Ever since I picked up my first book, 'Rich Dad Poor Dad,' I made it a habit to read daily, at least one book a month.

This habit was very easy to build because I was interested in learning.

When you pick up a book to read, you're accepting the fact that you need to learn something new every day.

You're accepting that your education did not end when you finished your formal education, but it actually began from that point onwards.

There is a whole realm of knowledge that billions of people don't get to explore because of one reason or another - mainly being that their minds are too closed to see what's right in front of them.

When you read a book, you're reading someone's life story, their mistakes, their learnings, their successes. You're getting years of knowledge, failure, and wisdom condensed into a few hundred pages.

I've written a couple articles about the best books you could start with.

This article speaks about the one book I believe every entrepreneur should read at some point.

This article talks about the 5 books entrepreneurs must read to be successful.

Throughout my blog, I talk about books that I'm currently reading, books that have taught me important lessons worth sharing.

I wouldn't know much about anything if it wasn't for the pursuit of knowledge through books.

You don't necessarily need to invest thousands in courses or seminars, you don't even need to reach a point where you're $50,000+ in debt before you can start becoming successful.

Success can start today and it can last a lifetime.

Choose a book from the articles I shared above and start reading today.

Reading will change your life forever.


These 3 Things Will Change Your Life Forever (Life-Changing Habits)

There lived a man who had all the wealth in the world.

He had the cars, the houses, the clothing, the planes, the yachts, and anything you could think about.

Whilst traveling one day, he saw a young man, with a strong, healthy body who seemed like he had nothing other than being blessed with good health.

The wealthy man stood and stared in awe, for he was crippled and unable to move around without the support of others.

He realised that with all the money in the world, he was still unable to experience the pleasure of having a strong and able body.

"I would trade everything I have to be able to enjoy the world through that boy's perspective," he said.

This short lesson shows you the importance of health, most of us reading this article today are blessed with the ability to walk, to run, to see.

We have perfectly able bodies that we should be grateful for.

Our bodies are temples that should be cherished and protected in any way possible.

This is where eating healthy and exercising often goes a long way.

Aside from staying healthy, exercise has many other benefits that we should be aware of. 

These benefits include being and feeling more happy and confident.

These benefits include being able to work stay focused and work for longer, getting more work done in a day.

Being wealthy doesn't only comprise of monetary value - real wealth is being healthy, being happy, having time freedom, along with money.

When we're working every day, learning every day, it's easy to lose track of what's truly important - our health and wellbeing.

Don't slip into the habit of not exercising and neglecting your body.

Healthy habits will change your life forever as long as you stick with them.


These 3 Things Will Change Your Life Forever (Life-Changing Habits)

Starting a business isn't a one-time event that you just start, reach and forget about.

Starting a business goes deeper than just building a business.

There's a saying that goes "If you get bored quickly, become an entrepreneur."

Entrepreneurs and business owners face new challenges every day. They face hardship every day.

Every day is a new challenge to overcome and improve yourself.

Hence, starting a business is the ultimate life challenge, it's like a pilgrimage that you embark on to discover yourself in the process.

You'll learn more about yourself than you ever thought possible through this journey.

You'll learn about your risk tolerance.

You'll learn about your creativity.

You'll learn about your problem-solving capabilities.

You'll uncover your leadership strengths.

You'll uncover your weaknesses.

You'll uncover your grit.

You'll uncover your will and discipline.

Business and entrepreneurship is a journey of self-discovery. It's life's ultimate challenge, one that 90% of those who embark on it, fail.

It'll be a test of who you are. Whether you win or lose at the end is completely your choice.

Either way, you'll come out a changed person.

Finding a business that is right for you, finding your niche is simpler than you might think.

Think about your strengths, your interests. Where do you stand a better chance of success than everyone else?

When the odds are stacked against you, it's important to use everything you can to your advantage.

Remember that you don't need to reinvent the wheel here.

Develop a mindset where spotting opportunities is easy. 

The reality is that opportunities are everywhere, there are hidden gems that no one has discovered yet.

Most are right in front of us, yet we have no idea.

Working on a business will not only change your life, but it's a habit that can change the world for the better too.

When people ask you what have you done in your life, you'll want to be proud of saying it out loud.

You want to build a life where there is no room for regret.

Work on building a business you are proud of.

It's where real meaning is found.

Those were the 3 things that will change your life forever.

If you've made it to the end of this article, you can start building your life using this article on the 6 steps to find a profitable business idea, fast.

Did you find something valuable in this article?

Don't forget to leave a comment below sharing your thoughts and insights.

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