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Should You Be an Entrepreneur? 5 Signs You Should Be An Entrepreneur

Should You Be an Entrepreneur? 5 Signs You Should Be An Entrepreneur
5 Signs You Should Be An Entrepreneur

Millions of people every year make the leap and become entrepreneurs.

Everyone for different reasons.

Some for their families.

Some for monetary reasons.

Some due to FOMO (fear of missing out). And the list goes on.

I, for one, took that leap almost two years ago in the hopes of becoming a wildly successful business owner who can independently fill the gap our family was missing.

I wanted to be the person to make our family proud, to give my mother and family the life they deserved.

I wanted the freedom and capability to bring meaningful change in the world, change that couldn't have come if I was stuck in an office.

However, it took me up till now to figure out my WHY, the reason I want what I want.

When I first started, I was deluded and lost in a vivid world of fairytales.

All I wanted was the money and the escape from the status quo.

Many people find themselves on the fence, 'should I become an entrepreneur?' they ask.

They might have school, they might have debt, they might have a family to take care of, a high-paying job.

Yet for one reason or another, that question still looms on them like a ghost, every day, consuming them from the inside out.

They're looking for any small indication to tip them over the edge and into a drastically new realm of possibilities.

Does that sound like you?

If so, how do you make that decision?

Should you be an entrepreneur?

Luckily, we're going to be discussing the 5 signs you should be an entrepreneur.

You like to bet on yourself

Should You Be an Entrepreneur? 5 Signs You Should Be An Entrepreneur

The first and most common reason lots of people make the jump is that they believe in themselves.

They make have faced some challenges in the past and counted on themselves to get out of them.

They might have set some big goals, or some harsh deadlines and smashed them out of the park.

For me, I was always smart in school - I always bet on myself to come out on top, no matter how uncertain I felt before the test.

I could have been the most worried student in that exam hall, however, from the outside, I was the most confident.

I made everyone, including myself believe that I will come out unscathed. And I did.

Every single time.

At work, you might have been assigned a massive challenge and single-handedly traversed it.

Being self-reliant is a massive skill to have in entrepreneurship and a big sign you should become an entrepreneur.

As an entrepreneur, and an early one at that, you're going to find yourself wearing multiple hats at a time.

You're going to come up with the idea, build out the idea and its foundations, find suppliers, manufacturers, do the marketing, build the site, do the customer support, hire people, and be a CEO on top of all of that.

It can be a very difficult and demanding role, a dynamic role where every day you're doing something new and facing a new challenge.

However, only those who count on themselves can get it done.

Uh oh... does this sound like you?

If so, keep reading, this might be the day you make the leap!

You don't give up easily

Should You Be an Entrepreneur? 5 Signs You Should Be An Entrepreneur

Another important trait all entrepreneurs need is the trait of not giving up when the going gets tough.

Entrepreneurship is an unpredictable and challenging journey.

It's not simply a destination one reaches and completes life.

As an entrepreneur, you're going to face many challenges, many roadblocks.

Every day, you're going to get punched in the face with something you've never experienced before.

When everything feels right, be prepared for everything to go wrong.

It's important to understand that once you've made the conscious choice to become an entrepreneur, you're locked in.

The only way out is the other way you came in from.

That's why it's crucial you don't give up.

Trust me, there will be times and moments where it feels like the only choice available is giving up.

It will feel like all you can do is scurry back into the miserable life you tried to escape, back into your comfort zone.

It's at these times where it counts.

It's at these times where you need to get up and fight those jitters.

You need to understand that failure is all part of the journey.

There has not been a single entrepreneur who successfully walked through their journey untouched.

They all fought, climbed mountains, failed, but most importantly, didn't give up.

You can read this article on never giving up if you want to learn ways of staying motivated and never giving up.

When you give up, you're accepting defeat.

You're throwing everything you've dreamed of away and forgetting you ever dared to step out of your comfort zone.

However, when you don't give up, you're fighting on another day, another day that can push you closer to the summit.

You're naturally interested

Should You Be an Entrepreneur? 5 Signs You Should Be An Entrepreneur

When I finished my formal school education a little over a year ago, I felt free.

I felt like I would never need to read a page again, never complete a maths equation for no reason.

However, this was where I was wrong.

Formal education is not where your education ends.

It's where it all starts.

It's where I discovered the power of reading books.

Outside of everything you've been taught in school or at work, there's an infinite universe of unexplored phenomena out there for you.

The knowledge of the world awaits you, and as an entrepreneur, you're accepting the idea that you're going to set out to discover it.

Only then can you gain the wisdom and experience needed to bring your wildest dreams and aspirations to fruition.

Entrepreneurs are naturally interested in the world around them.

They get a thrill out of learning something new, something interesting.

They love to explore new ideas and demystify unexplained theories.

Entrepreneurs question any and everything around them, believing there is an alternate truth to it.

They don't settle with faint explanations but seek to understand every intricacy possible.

In business and entrepreneurship, this sort of personality is essential, after all, there is so much we don't know that we must actively look to learn.

When you first start your business, you're going to start on the wrong foundations.

It's in your (and only your) best interest to learn everything you can and put it to the test. 

When you fail, you'll want to find the reasoning behind your failure - why did it happen and how could the same fate be avoided?

Does this also sound like you?

Are you interested in always learning something new?

Do new discoveries or ideas intrigue you?

Does finding new, more efficient ways of doing something give you an upbeat feeling?

If so, then this might be just for you.

You have big goals

Should You Be an Entrepreneur? 5 Signs You Should Be An Entrepreneur

Have you ever shared your goals and vision with someone and got a defensive reply from them?

Maybe they laughed it off like you were crazy?

Or maybe they said you're absurd, that's impossible?

You stood with a blank expression on your face, bewildered.

"How can they think that? My goal was not out of this world."

To many people, big goals and aspirations sound like pipe dreams.

They sound like a joke.

Like a phase that one goes through before realising that they're going crazy.

I've gotten to the point where I feel anxious talking about my goals with anyone other than those I believe have a similar mindset to me.

I believe evil eye is a thing and that anyone who doesn't understand where I'm coming from will just be a barrier to my success.

At family gatherings, I don't like telling people my goals out loud because they'll think I'm crazy.

The most common responses are - 'Go get a job.' 'Go to university.'

They just don't understand what's going on in your mind.

If this feels like it's hitting home then you're not alone.

In fact, it's completely normal for this to happen.

People who aren't naturally cut out for entrepreneurship can't think on the same scale as you.

All they see is the blatant mousetrap that the status quo has laid out ahead of them.

The basic 'go to university, fall $50K in debt, and find a job to pay it off.'

The only way to snap them out of this hallucination is by reaping what you sought and proving them wrong.

Having big goals can seem scary, like a curse, when no one else understands you.

Don't be afraid of your big goals and vision - it simply means you're doing the wrong thing and that entrepreneurship could very well be for you.

You want to be your own boss

Should You Be an Entrepreneur? 5 Signs You Should Be An Entrepreneur

This is something I started to notice a little later on in my life, not long ago from now.

During my final year of school, I started to open my eyes to what's really happening around me.

I'm being taught by smart people, don't get me wrong. However, these people are in debt, living with each other to balance the expensive rent in London.

They're teaching me a subject I never see myself pursuing.

You can't teach someone to go somewhere you haven't been.

A school business teacher can't teach you to be a businessperson - they can only teach you how to be a business teacher.

Once I found a way out of education, I fell into two jobs - my first ever two jobs.

I immediately hated them, I despised the idea of being a pawn in someone else's story.

Waking up when the birds haven't started singing yet, getting dressed, and going outside to a place I disliked is no way to live life.

However, many people live their lives just like this.

You can't blame them - it's all they've ever known, all they've ever been taught.

Here is a video I recorded about working in Amazon, it's a more censored version of the truth behind my experience working there.

Although Amazon is the largest business in the world, it felt like being shunned from the inner workings, the business decisions were unnatural for me.

No matter how hard I tried, my mind would assess every detail, every possibility, and look for different ways, more efficient ways of doing things in the workplace.

It was an instant sign that I was in the wrong seat.

If this sounds like you, if you hate the idea of waking up every day to go and shape someone's dream life then entrepreneurship is for you.

Bonus: You have a strong stomach

Should You Be an Entrepreneur? 5 Signs You Should Be An Entrepreneur

I wanted to add a bonus sign you should be an entrepreneur because I felt it was important to the bigger picture.

Having a strong stomach in business is required.

You might be a student.

You might be a father, a mother.

You might have people to take care of, mouths to feed.

However, if you're going to become an entrepreneur, you're taking a massive risk and leaving your old life behind.

You're making the decision to explore something only a handful of people dare to explore.

You're making the decision to bet on yourself to come out victorious in something statistically over 90% of people fail at.

You need a stomach for risk.

If you want to spread your risk, you could read my article on starting a business whilst working a 9-5 or being a student

Those were the 5 signs you should be an entrepreneur.

Should you be an entrepreneur? After reading this, you should have a clear idea of whether or not entrepreneurship is for you.

Leave your thoughts and ideas in the comments below!

Don't forget to share this with anyone you feel can benefit from it.

Join our community of 1000s of entrepreneurs learning something new every day.

Till next time,



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