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7 Signs That You Will Be Wildly Successful [Business & Entrepreneurship]

7 Signs That You Will Be Wildly Successful [Business & Entrepreneurship]
7 Signs That You Will Be Wildly Successful

Success in business is usually seen as an abstract event that only occurs once in a while.

Not everyone could reach this point, however, those who do are the ones that got lucky in their pursuit of it.

For a long time, I believed that to reach the point of success, I just needed to get lucky and eventually stumble upon a goldmine.

However, over the past 1-2 years, I've managed to take a closer look into what success truly requires.

I've come to realise that success is not so much a lucky streak, but a mashup of skills and traits that one must possess.

Every entrepreneur we look at will have these skills and traits in their arsenal.

The millionaires and billionaires of our world all have these common traits.

Not long ago I wrote about the easiest way to make good habits stick - the article mentioned how in order to build good habits, you must believe you're the sort of character who carries those habits.

Therefore, success is not an event that just occurs one day, we become successful in our minds long before we're successful in the physical realm.

So how do you know you're going to be successful before you become successful?

What are the tell-tale signs that one will become successful long before they truly are?

Let's dive into the 7 signs that you will be wildly successful in business & entrepreneurship.

Don't cling to the past

7 Signs That You Will Be Wildly Successful [Business & Entrepreneurship]

No matter how much I wanted school to end, I feared the drastic change that was going to take place after.

I had nothing to worry about - I had great friends, a simple, easy, life, where my only problem was the grades I achieved in school.

I was scared and anxious, I had no idea what would come after my school life was over.

For a long time, my yearning for the past crippled me and stopped me from moving on to what really mattered - the present.

Once I realised I was shackled by my past, I made the decision to let go and embrace the current moment.

I've previously talked all about embracing change and how important it is for entrepreneurs.

The reality is that without the ability to embrace changes, you're going to be stuck in the past whilst the whole world around you keeps moving and growing.

It's crucial to understand that the world, especially the entrepreneurial landscape, is constantly changing and those who can accept this and adapt are the ones who thrive.

The past is the past for a reason - an event in time that has already played out its course meaning it can no longer be altered.

Living in the past or regretting past decisions is a sure-fire way of getting left behind.

Those who can't get out of the past are the ones who struggle to keep up in the present.

They're the ones who can't seem to make anything work because they can't wrap their minds around the fact that the floor beneath them is shifting.

Therefore, the first sign you'll be wildly successful is your willingness to adapt to change without holding onto the past for dear life.

You're self-motivated

7 Signs That You Will Be Wildly Successful [Business & Entrepreneurship]

When I go outside to play basketball at my local park, I get to catch up with some of my school friends.

Each time, there are different friends who come and so we're able to have intimate talks about our lives and where the future is taking us.

In most of my conversations, I see a common trend occur.

They want freedom, they want to do something they're not currently doing.

One time, my friends even said that they wish they were doing what I was doing - learning and exploring the world on their own terms.

When I ask them all why they don't just do what they want to do, they tell me that not everyone is as motivated as you.

I immediately think back to the first time I heard a Simon Sinek speech on youtube.

He was talking about how there are 2 types of people in the world:

  • Those who go and get what they sought and,
  • Those who only see the barriers in the way of what they want.

The former are self-motivated and geared to achieving one thing and thing only - their image of success.

The latter... they're stuck looking for shortcuts, taking their lives a day at a time hoping for a shooting star to come and rescue them. 

When you're self-motivated, you know your goals and the WHY behind them.

You have a clear-cut vision of what success means to you and you're going to do whatever it takes to be successful.

You make success your only option no matter how bleak the outcome currently looks.

To you, goals are not just 'goals,' they're your life's purpose and what you've been put on this earth to do.

Self-motivation is another sign you will be wildly successful.

You're always learning

7 Signs That You Will Be Wildly Successful [Business & Entrepreneurship]

The first time I ever picked up a book, I was skeptical. 

Until this point in my life, no book has ever truly taught me anything.

I had stopped reading books at an early age because I had failed to discover the genre I felt passionate reading about.

However, as I started to turn the pages, feel the words and sentences puzzling around in my mind, I felt a true sense of power unlock within me.

From that point on, I decided that the only way I can fully comprehend what it is I need to know is by constantly exploring and learning.

I made it a habit, a way of life to read for at least 30 minutes to an hour a day.

I became obsessed with the knowledge I was gaining, the wisdom I was unlocking, the stones I was turning.

You may have heard the quote "The man who doesn't read has no advantage over the man who can't read."

Reading and learning are some of the most powerful habits you can have as an entrepreneur.

When you leap into the entrepreneurial realm, there is only one thing you know for certain and that is that you don't know a thing.

One day everything could be going splendid, the next, you could be having the worst day of your life.

The only way to be successful in business is by seeking knowledge and filling in the gaps where you lack that knowledge that will ascend you.

If you already know everything you need to know, wouldn't you be where you want to be?

Constantly reading, watching videos, taking courses, trying new ideas, attending events, and meeting new people are all forms of learning in their own respective ways.

The more you learn, the more you know, the more prepared you are for anything that could arise.

In order to be wildly successful in your business, you need to embrace life-long learning and become a student of your craft.

No matter how much you think you know, there will always be at least one new thing you can pick up.

Come to everything with an open mind, one that can accept when it's wrong.

Not afraid of mistakes

7 Signs That You Will Be Wildly Successful [Business & Entrepreneurship]

The very first business I ever started, I set out to do everything right the first time.

I had not yet explored reading, nor had I gained experience in the world of business.

I thought that if I watched a simple YouTube video and copied every little thing from A-Z, there is no way I could fail.

That is where my first business mistakes happened.

I was too obsessed with perfection that I was scared to fail.

I tried extremely hard to find any and every way to avoid failure.

I tried to do everything I could by the books - after all, I had just come out of over a decade in school where everything I did was by the (text)books.

For a few months, I was walking on eggshells.

I tried so hard to avoid failure and make my first attempt at business a success.

I was careful, meticulous in my approach.

What I didn't know is that failure was the one inevitable factor in this whole thing.

No matter what I did, how I did it, I was going to fail one way or another - the only way to avoid it was in fact to fail... ironic, right?

When you detach yourself from the fear of failure, you become so much more free and open to exploration.

You no longer try to do everything with the intention not to fail, but you start working with the expectation of failing and quickly learning.

This approach puts you so far ahead of everyone else because you're no longer afraid of the one inevitable part of success - the part that freezes millions of entrepreneurs in their tracks.

When I finally failed my first business, I was distraught, until I realised that the only way I was going to turn this around was not by fearing failure, but by embracing the risk and going in head-first.

Don't give up easily

7 Signs That You Will Be Wildly Successful [Business & Entrepreneurship]

Rarely do we ever hear of success stories where someone finds success on their first try.

Success stories typically sound something like this.

"After 10 disheartening attempts at starting his online business, John was inches away from pulling the plug and giving up all hope.

However, a small, faint voice inside him was urging him to push on just one more time.

Destroyed, John decided to follow that voice just one more time.

Today, John owns a £10 million per year business which helps other entrepreneurs start and scale their own online businesses..."

Rather dramatic but you get the point.

Success is never a straight and narrow road.

It's more like a maze where nothing is as it seems.

One day, you might think that you've finally figured out your life calling, a few weeks later, you could be back in the same miserable place you were not long ago.

When you don't give up, you're giving yourself another shot at success.

It's sort of like Russian Roulette now that I think about it.

You keep firing with almost no indication of which chamber holds the bullet.

However, the more you pull the trigger, the higher the chances that the bullet will be fired.

It's the exact same in business.

You never know which attempt will be the one that changes your life forever, however, you'll only ever find out once you've emptied the clip.

I've personally tried almost a dozen different business ideas - all with varying levels of success.

I believe that I'm yet to find the one business that fulfills all my entrepreneurial goals and vision.

However, I know that I will reach that level of wild success and that every business I try only pushes me closer and closer.

You seek help

7 Signs That You Will Be Wildly Successful [Business & Entrepreneurship]

I've never been confident, in fact, I've always been an introverted little kid who only relies on himself to get things done.

Earlier on in my life, this strategy paid off, over and over.

When I jumped into this sea of sharks, I tried to adopt a similar strategy.

I thought that my independence will take me all the way to the other end unscathed.

As we've established already, school and business are two polar opposites.

Whilst one relies on brains and hard work, the other is all about tactics, partnerships, and strategy.

I quickly realised that if I was to traverse the entrepreneurial world alone, it wouldn't be long till I get chewed up by the sharks.

I realised I had to quickly adapt and change who I was.

I started to meet new people, build new connections, and seek help wherever I needed it.

There are always people who know more than you do.

It's important to just swallow your pride and ego for once and ask for help.

When I made this choice, I realised that help is everywhere.

People want to help you succeed, they want to see you win.

you just need to know how to approach them, and how to ask for help.

Relationships in business work both ways, being greedy will not get you anywhere, it won't get you noticed.

Build long-lasting relationships that benefit all parties.

That is how you find people who want to help you, you help them too.

When you seek help, you're no longer a one-man army looking to take on a whole war on their own.

You're now building your own little team of misfits who work together to achieve a common goal.

Those who succeed in business are never alone - they have people around them, a supportive network that constantly pushes each other to do better.

If you're the type of person who constantly looks for help, you will be wildly successful.

You're grateful

7 Signs That You Will Be Wildly Successful [Business & Entrepreneurship]

When I ran my marketing agency, I had one goal and one goal only.

That was to try my very best to escape the miserable and cruel life I was living.

A life where I hated any and everything around me, one where I couldn't bear to live in.

I was in the worst possible state of mind and every day, it got harder and harder.

I had no moral compass, nothing to look forward to.

I was simply dead from the inside, begging for a glimmer of hope to come and pick me up.

I became so obsessed with the outcome, that I completely lost track of everything and everyone I had around me.

I completely forgot that I have so much to be grateful for.

All I needed was a break, a moment to stop and think about where I was really heading.

The healthiest thing I ever did was to give myself time to reflect on my life.

I started to take walks, I started to listen to podcasts, I started to enjoy the things I used to enjoy.

A bit of gaming every week.

A bit of sport and basketball.

It's the reason I wrote my 30,000-word book within a week, which I haven't yet released.

When I jumped off the hamster wheel, I realised that I was slowly destroying my own life.

I remembered that there is so much I should be grateful for.

The only way to truly accept more in life is by first being grateful for what you already have.

Only then can you tell the world you're ready for more blessings.

That is it - those were the 7 signs that you will be wildly successful in business & entrepreneurship.

Did you find this article valuable?

Let me know in the comments if you possess these traits!

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