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6 Mindset Qualities To Help You Succeed In Business [Mindset For Success]

6 Mindset Qualities To Help You Succeed In Business [Mindset Of Success]
6 Mindset Qualities To Help You Succeed In Business

It's true what people say about the mind.

Our minds are small powerful machines, more complex than any human's comprehension of it.

Over hundreds of thousands of years, our minds have evolved, adapted, and grown to become more and more powerful.

From the first habit, the first skill that the mind picked up, to the countless activities we perform in our daily lives, today.

Our minds have learned to protect us, dating all the way back to when Earth was a much more dangerous place to live.

Fear of predators at every corner heightened the brain's senses and made us warier of our environment.

Our minds are wired to predict dangerous events and stop them before they happen.

They go through many versions of the future to identify the threats that lay ahead of us and try to stop us from walking into them.

The issue, however, is that our brains can't filter out the difference between life-threatening dangers, or something like a failure in business.

That's why so many people fear the unknown, that's why so many people don't start something they know they want to.

Their minds prevent them from taking that leap as it knows it's going to lead to something dangerous - maybe not life-threatening, but still dangerous to the individual.

A massive mistake many people make when they go into entrepreneurship is direct their focus on the wrong things.

When I first decided to pursue my dropshipping store, it wasn't the lack of knowledge or experience that was going to lead to my demise.

My mindset was the issue - the cogs turning up there were what eventually led to my first business failure.

When I decided to pursue forex trading, it wasn't my inability to read the charts that were going to lead to failure.

It was my mindset around money that ultimately told me to quit.

A few businesses later, when I decided to start a marketing agency, it wasn't my lack of knowledge and skill that led to my failure.

Once again, it was my brain predicting dangerous events that will unfold in the future and stopping me from walking into them.

The idea of getting a client was scary.

  • 'What would they do if you can't deliver?'
  • 'Who are you to be doing their ads?'
  • 'Why should anyone put their business in your hands?'
  • 'Don't do this, you're not going to succeed.'

Endless arguments consumed my train of thought leading to nothing but self-sabotage.

MY imposter syndrome was kicking in, why would anyone put their trust in me, an 18-year-old boy, just left school, just started a business where he has 0 clients?

Every time I failed, I ran back to what I thought the issue was - my strategy and execution when all along, it was me. I was the issue.

If I wanted to succeed, I didn't need more YouTube videos, I didn't need more training, I knew everything I needed and more.

What I did need, however, was to build a mindset for success.

In this article, we're going to discuss the 6 most important mindset qualities to help you succeed in business.

On failure

6 Mindset Qualities To Help You Succeed In Business [Mindset Of Success]

Our mindset towards failure is one of the biggest roadblocks entrepreneurs face.

New entrepreneurs are scared of failing - although different people have different risk tolerances, it's important to understand failure.

Failure in business is inevitable.

No matter what you do, you're going to experience failure in your entrepreneurial and business journeys.

I've failed almost a dozen businesses before finally seeing some sort of guiding light with Hawk Prospecting.

Although it's nowhere near ready to scale, it hasn't achieved product/market fit, and there's still lots of pain, failure, and learning to be done, Hawk Prospecting has been going well.

When you go into business trying to avoid failure, it's almost like walking on eggshells.

You will never be able to succeed without failing - multiple times. I haven't heard of a single success story where people just succeed on their first attempt.

Mainly because it wouldn't be very motivational, and second, it just doesn't happen.

When you let go of the fear of failure, open up to the idea of taking risks and winning, you'll feel so much relief.

You'll feel like the weight of the world has been taken off your shoulders and that you're ready to take over the world.

I'm not saying that you should take any risk, no matter the cost, what I am saying is that success without failure is impossible.

In business, you don't learn from taking tests, reading a guide or textbook, you learn by getting your hands dirty.

You learn by rolling up your sleeves and putting it all to the test, not by reading and memorizing.

You learn something, you test it out, you fail at it, you relearn it - repeat this cycle to succeed.

Those who go their whole lives avoiding failure will always be miles behind those who just do it.

Just to save you a bit of trouble down the road, I'd suggest reading about the biggest mistakes I made in my first year of entrepreneurship.

On opportunity

6 Mindset Qualities To Help You Succeed In Business [Mindset Of Success]

Before becoming an entrepreneur, I would sit on Playstation chat with my friends and talk about how easy it was for people to find a business idea in the 1900s.

For example, Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, started the company in 1994.

We would often talk about how these people were lucky that they had opportunities all around them.

We would make the argument that there's nothing we can build or do which hasn't already been done.

This was the typical argument anyone with a brain and 0 experience in business would pull.

I learned pretty quickly once I got into entrepreneurship that a brand new, never-done-before idea was not necessary.

You don't need to 'reinvent the wheel.'

When there are people doing what you're already doing, think about it as a sign there's money to be made in this space.

Most entrepreneurs are not wired to spot opportunity, that's why they believe there is a lack of it.

The reality is, however, the world is abundant - abundant with money and opportunity.

We just need to rewire our brains to see the opportunity.

Nowadays, wherever I go, my brain is looking for opportunities. It assesses my surroundings and processes everything it can looking for something interesting.

Hawk Prospecting was an opportunity I thought of when I owned my marketing agency.

A quick look around the internet helped me realise that there's nothing that really worked the way I wanted it to work.

There was nothing that found everything possible on my prospects.

Therefore, Hawk Prospecting was built with my own pain points in mind along with many other agency owners too.

Wherever you are, whatever you see, start to change the way you think.

Where are there inefficiencies?

What are people struggling with, what do people say, "I wish..." about?

What can be improved?

Is there an underserved niche in the industry?

Ask yourself these sorts of questions and it'll be so much easier to find ideas and opportunities to pursue.

On responsibility

6 Mindset Qualities To Help You Succeed In Business [Mindset Of Success]

There's a very distinct difference between those who are successful and those who aren't successful.

That difference is simply the way they handle responsibility.

Those who aren't successful often find any and every way possible to get out of the spotlight.

They're never wrong for anything and when something doesn't go to plan, it's never their fault.

When homework was not done in school, it was the cat's fault for ripping up the papers.

When the job doesn't get done in time at work, it's the colleague's fault for not sending the assignments in time.

When the business doesn't reach its goals, business and entrepreneurship don't work, it's all fake.

An unsuccessful person will always find ways to blame anything other than themselves for things they're clearly accountable for.

On the other hand, successful people understand there's no benefit to throwing blame around at others.

When the homework isn't done on time, it's their fault - they should have tried harder and they'll make sure it doesn't happen again.

When the deadline is not met at work, It's their fault for not sending out reminders to their colleagues.

When the business fails, it's their fault that they never did the necessary research and planning ahead of time to better predict this outcome.

Simply taking more responsibility makes a big difference.

It shows you're more cut out to be a leader, it shows that you understand that mistakes happen.

When you're too busy blaming others for your shortcomings, you won't have time to improve yourself and make progress.

Start to see where you go wrong in your day-to-day life, accept that you made a mistake, and learn from it.

On money

6 Mindset Qualities To Help You Succeed In Business [Mindset Of Success]

Starting my first ever dropshipping business, my focus was entirely on money.

I wanted nothing other than the money that came with it.

I had no other purpose to build the business other than my own greed and satisfaction.

I quickly came to realise that when money is the goal, you won't make it very far.

After a few failures and mistakes, I decided to quit the store.

If I stuck with my first ever Shopify store, I could have been extremely well of right now.

I chose to sell back-stretchers - a product I've seen at least 5 times since I quit that business.

As we explained earlier, the more people that are in a niche, the better the product is.

If I had stuck to the dropshipping store in April 2020, I would be making a respectable amount of money today.

However, the reason I gave up was simply my mindset.

My whole life, I've been around people who believed that there was a shortage of money, that people like us don't get to be rich.

So why would I be any different? Why would I be able to make more than what my family makes, I'm no different to them?

I'll tell you why I would have been able to make more - it's because I had a product that was in demand, and I was positioning it in a way that benefits the audience.

The reason I would have been able to make more money is that I was solving a problem that people faced.  

On top of this, the goal I had set for myself was not strong enough. Wanting to make more money is not a goal, it's a vehicle for something.

Goals are more powerful, more meaningful.

Your goals are the stepping stones that fulfill your vision - the better world that you see yourself living in.

When money is your goal, you'll struggle for a long time.

There's a very simple question to ask yourself.

If money weren't an object, what would you be doing differently?

I know what I would be doing, I'd be cherishing my precious time with those I love.

I'd be doing stuff that I enjoy, traveling the world, playing games, eating.

Stop thinking or acting from a point of desperation, think from a point of abundance.

You already have so much to be proud of, so much to be grateful for, don't lose sight of that.

Have a powerful WHY in place that keeps you going and aiming for something higher than just money.

On time

6 Mindset Qualities To Help You Succeed In Business [Mindset Of Success]

Surprisingly, I haven't written an article about this yet.

There's one key similarity between millionaires and wealthy people, that is their value of time.

An entrepreneur's greatest asset, aside from their minds, is their time.

With time and consistency, great things can happen.

Herein lies the issue, however.

Most entrepreneurs that I know of, including myself, don't give things enough time.

I decided to make a change and start to let things play out naturally.

When I started this blog I promised myself to write an article every day. 

I promised myself that whatever comes from it in the short term will only compound to form something bigger, something better.

For years, I spent my life doing something I thought I liked - playing video games endlessly.

As I opened myself up to other possibilities and started to explore entrepreneurship, I started to see how much I undervalued my time.

I went from gaming 24/7 to working and building a better future for myself and those around me.

Instead of spending my time on social media or doing things that don't help me, I now only focus my time on two things - health and wealth.

You might've heard my mantra from my other articles:

If it doesn't make you healthier or wealthier, stop it.

Time is the single commodity you can't replenish.

No matter how much money you have, how advanced technology has gotten, nothing is able to give you more time.

Although you could argue living a healthy life, eating clean, and exercising can lead to longer lives, you're still very limited in your control over the length of your life.

With this said, you should only spend your time doing things that benefit you, things that make you happy.

Gaming all day wasn't good - working all day is equally as bad.

You want to focus on enjoying the time you have at your disposal.

Finding a balance is key.

On yourself

6 Mindset Qualities To Help You Succeed In Business [Mindset Of Success]

We've made it to the 6th and final mindset quality, a mindset shift that entrepreneurs need to help them succeed in business.

I believe that people neglect themselves too much, not only in business and entrepreneurship but in general.

You won't be able to take care of anything if you don't take care of yourself first.

This involves your body, your soul, your sanity.

Spending all day sitting down and eating is unhealthy.

Our bodies are intricate vessels that cannot be replicated - we must learn to treat them like the temples they are.

Focusing on your health, your condition is very important and will only lead to better results in other areas of your life.

Taking care of your body and health will lead to better efficiency and more focus.

Taking care of your mentality and thoughts is extremely important.

The most damaging thing to your thoughts, in my opinion, is social media.

When I used to spend a ton of time on social media, I would never be happy.

I would go on Instagram or Snapchat and leave the platforms angry, or sad, or feeling down.

I just did my weekly social media time check and I'm proud to say that I average 2 minutes a day on Instagram.

The less you spend on social media, the better and happier you'll feel.

So many times throughout my life, I found that I talked down on myself.

When we experience failure, we naturally start to talk negatively about ourselves.

Going back to the point about responsibility, it's important to know where to draw the line.

Taking responsibility doesn't mean blaming yourself for any and everything that happens.

Negative self-talk affects us more than you might think.

It could lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy, a lifetime of negativity, all because you start blaming yourself or talking down on yourself.

Just remember that your body is the most important component of success.

If you're not 100%, it will reflect in every other area of your life.

Learn to meditate - I should take a page out of my books and learn that too :)

Did you find this article helpful or valuable in any way?

If so, please comment on what you thought below and share it all over the internet!

It really means a lot.

Till next time,



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