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100 Days 100 Blog Articles Later: Lessons I Learned

100 Days 100 Blog Articles Later: Lessons I Learned
100 Days 100 Blog Articles Later: Lessons I Learned

Around 5 months ago, I sat down and started writing the very first few words of a book all about the entrepreneurial mind, and how to tame it.

At this point, I was still running my marketing agency and had never felt more stressed and anxious in my life.

It started off as a simple exercise where I can take everything out of my head and put it on paper to make it easier to deal with.

As I started to write, I got lost in the words and sentences I typed out. A simple exercise ended up turning into a 30,000-word book less than a week later.

A book not yet released to the public, just sitting, waiting to see the light of day.

That was the first time I ever believed I had a voice worth sharing, words worth spreading, experiences worth freeing.

100(+) days ago I made a promise to myself.

I said that "from today, I was going to wake up every day and write a blog article until I build a successful blog."

I was on the brink of starting my latest startup, Hawk Prospecting, and so I wanted to have something else to work on simultaneously.

One of the biggest problems I face as an entrepreneur is struggling to find a singular source of truth.

When I feel lost, I don't know where to turn to or who to go to for guidance.

That's why I started this blog -, to act as a beacon in the dark for anyone struggling or thinks they're in a place of no return.

The articles I have dedicated every day to writing all come from my own, real-world experiences as an entrepreneur - not just generic things every other 'guru' on the internet talks about.

Everything I learn and believe could help entrepreneurs succeed or cut time off their journey is included in my words and writing.

The aim was to build an active, engaged community where no barrier can stop us from succeeding.

I never understood why entrepreneurs were alone, competing with one another when the whole goal is to change the world, the same world we all live in.

I wanted to bring us all together and make us stronger as a united front.

I record my successes, my failures, and most importantly my lessons.

That's why in this article, I wanted to share my experience over the past 100 days, and tell you all the lessons I've learned over this period.

Consistency is key

100 Days 100 Blog Articles Later: Lessons I Learned

The first and most important part of this journey was to finally get into a consistent state, a state where I'm able to work on something for the long term.

One thing I've always struggled with is to stick to one thing without moving on to another.

It's called - shiny object syndrome.

When the venture I'm currently pursuing doesn't sprout the seeds of success I want it to, I tend to quickly move to the next thing.

It's a terrible habit, a bad habit that lots of people get into with no clue how devastating this is to their momentum and success.

I have never believed you should stick to something forever - there is a cut-off point, some signs that tell you when it's time to quit a business.

However, until you've tried everything until all those signs line up, you should always keep trying - never give up.

When I realised I was good at writing, blogging was an easy side hobby to pursue.

I never intended to make millions from blogging, nor did I think I'd be wildly successful with it.

The entire goal was and still is to share my real-world lessons and experiences with other entrepreneurs.

The rest of the pieces will all fall into place in due time.

I feel like the fact that I came into this without expectations the height of the heavens, is why I have been able to stick to it till now.

I didn't know where I would be 100 days in the future when I started, I certainly didn't know I'd be here.

Deep down I thought that I would once again become demotivated and quit not many articles into the challenge.

On the other hand, when I start a business, my goal is to scale to £1m per year, £1m per month, £10m per month, and beyond.

These goals are much steeper, much harder to achieve.

However, from the very first view I got to the most recent views, I can say that it's been worth it.

I've managed to finally believe in 'consistency,' something I failed to grasp a long time ago.

The whole time I've been in entrepreneurship, the only things I've seen were the peaks of the mountains, the final results.

When I saw successful people, I was not able to see the process, I just saw the results and the riches.

I start comparing myself with those who are successful, even though it could have taken them decades to get to this point.

But now I realise it's never like this, no one ever wakes up successful.

You work and you work and you work - do a lot more work than one day, one day those seeds you planted will start to sprout.

They sprout and they grow, they intertwine and they get stronger, larger, girthier, and taller until they take you to your final destination.

Wherever life takes me, whatever it throws at me, I now know the secret is nothing more than a bit of consistency.

Gradual success is satisfying

100 Days 100 Blog Articles Later: Lessons I Learned

The first few articles I ever published, I was happy to see a few views a day.

I was getting maybe 2, 3 views?

The day I saw 10, I was shocked! 10 people really read my articles?

A few days later, I started to get some Instagram DMs.

I loved to see the messages or comments under my posts of people telling me how my words had positively impacted them.

That's exactly what I set out to do! Impact entrepreneurs in ways they've never been impacted before!

Show entrepreneurs the reality behind business and entrepreneurship, not the 'secrets' everyone else talks about.

The cool thing with blogging is you get to see every view.

Every single view is an extra read, someone reading your words that you spent a few hours crafting and refining.

To many people, writing an entire article per day can be a daunting challenge - it certainly was for me.

However, I knew that if I could do this, then there is nothing I can't do.

All it takes is small, gradual steps, then the flywheel will start to turn.

It only takes the first viewer, then the next, and the one after.

When I learned all about the different ways of sharing and promoting my blog, the numbers started to pick up.

Every day, I checked my blog's statistics over and over just watching the numbers ascend.

The few days I reached over 250 views a day I was ecstatic.

There are actually hundreds of people, thousands even, who enjoy what I write about?

Gradual success and progress are satisfying.

There is nothing I love more than to see the numbers go up, day by day, hour by hour.

It only makes the future seem brighter - where could this go a few months from now, a few years from now?

Will we have the community I'm looking to build? Will we have multiple success stories from the community?

Will my words have truly made a change in people's lives?

The endless realm of possibilities only makes this more and more intriguing, only pushes me further and further to keep writing.

I've always been impatient, an 'I want it now' type of person.

However, the gradual progress building up on top of itself has shown me that there is no need to rush.

Just trust the process.

Play your part.

Do what's necessary on your end.

The rest - the pieces that are out of our control - will fall into place.

Unleashed creativity

100 Days 100 Blog Articles Later: Lessons I Learned

Every day I wake up, I'm tired, exhausted, and ever more ready to dive back into bed.

When I started writing my daily articles, It's forced me to start waking up a little earlier.

Writing my articles takes on average 3-5 hours per day (including the time I take to share the articles).

These are 3-5 hours of solid, laser-focused work I can be doing.

However, it's not as big of an opportunity cost as it may seem.

When I wake up, the first thing I usually do is read a book.

That is all I have to run on in the morning before I get to the real work.

When I started blogging daily, aside from the satisfaction of completing such a difficult task, I also feel a lot more creative, a lot more focused and in the zone to do more.

It gets me in the right state of mind, it pushes me out of my bed-state and into my work-state.

It unleashes the neurons in my head, firing off and thinking, creating thoughts, ideas.

It brings out my hidden creativity. Creativity that I rarely ever tap into when I'm working.

It gets my brain working and pumping faster.

Whilst reading, there is not much going on, I'm inactively scanning the words on the page and highlighting things my mind finds interesting.

However, when I'm writing an article, my entire body goes into it.

It wakes me up completely because I never want to produce a piece I think will not be worth reading.

I've been in that position a lot - a position where I feel like what I'm writing is not to the quality I expect it to be.

However, once I proofread everything, I realise it was just my perfectionism playing up.

All of this gets me ready for the next stage of the day, the stage that requires all the energy and effort I have available.

I urge you to find something you enjoy doing - something that satisfies you when you complete it.

Maybe you like to post on social media?

Create a single post every day in the morning and be happy you did it.

Maybe you enjoy drawing?

Work on a single piece of art every day and be proud you stuck to it.

Maybe you're like me, you like to write?

Write every single day, whether it's your own site or Medium, then give yourself some positive self-talk - you did it!

Keep doing this for 50 days, 100 days, 365 days, 1000 days, then come and personally tell me how different your life is.

Massive success is always a byproduct of small, yet consistent steps taken in the right direction.

Did you find this article helpful?

If so, don't forget to comment your thoughts below! 

Share this with anyone who you know is an entrepreneur - let's grow a community that supports and embraces each other.

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