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Why Consistency Is Key In Business [Power Of Consistency & How To Develop It]

Why Consistency Is Key In Business
Why Consistency Is Key In Business

You may have heard that humans are inherently lazy beings and it's true.

I've written a book that I haven't launched which talks about human behaviour and why we're inherently so lazy.

I wrote an article talking about how I did this in under a week.

No matter who you look at - Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, we all have a part of us where we want to be lazy at some point.

These billionaires aren't superhumans - they feel demotivated a lot, but they've just formed a habit that keeps them pushing.

Humans are always attracted to the easy way out of everything.

They call it the 'path of least resistance' - the path where we encounter the least bit of friction.

Today, in the morning, I was contemplating if I should wake up or if I should stay in bed and sleep an hour longer.

Sleeping that one more hour would have been a dream come true, but within this hour, I could do so much that it doesn't make sense for me to sacrifice it.

This is where consistency comes into the mix.

I believe that consistency is one of the most important qualities anyone can possess, it's a quality that is crucial in building lasting significance.

When we look at athletes like Lebron James, Christiano Ronaldo, Odell Beckham Jr., we see people who have mastered their craft and have climbed the ranks, claiming titles only the best in the world would ever see.

The same goes for the entrepreneurs I mentioned earlier.

Consistency results in proficiency in one's given field.

It leads to one of the most powerful forces in the world - the compounding effect.

Without consistency, there can be no compounding effect.

Look at snow, for example.

Snow starts off as tiny flakes falling from the sky - usually in large quantities.

These flakes build up and turn our world white for a period of time.

For a snowball to form, it takes a small bit of snow to start moving and consistently roll down a surface.

At the start, it's nothing but a measly little ball of snow, compounding in speed and size.

Not long after, the same tiny ball of snow, compounded on the previous work it's done down the surface, has become a giant white ball that shocks anyone who looks at it.

So where do we find this consistency?

Humans are mere reflections of their thoughts and habits.

We become who we want to become in our heads long before we become that person physically in the real world.

These thoughts, as I've touched on in this article, are then what drives our habits.

Going back to Lebron James, my favorite athlete of all time, he didn't suddenly become the best basketball player in the world, he knew that he was the best basketball player in the world in his head, long before it was a reality.

He never doubted getting into the NBA.

In fact, in his first game, people were already bringing up and foreshadowing the rise and reign of the king.

As an entrepreneur, you must believe, in your head, that you're a successful entrepreneur long before you become one.

These thoughts of success will then feed into the habits you carry out each day to make that thought a reality.

Consistency is merely another habit, that drives all habits.

The book I'm currently reading, 'Atomic Habits' speaks volume on developing these life-changing habits.

In order to be consistent, we must first understand the sort of person we want to be.

The best athletes in the world all have consistency in their arsenal.

The biggest entrepreneurs in the world all have consistency as a quality.

Anyone who has perfected their craft, be it music, dance, or anything else, have managed to master consistency.

To be the best. you must first learn to consistently shoot for this goal.

In order to build this consistency, you will have to believe you're the best.

If you're an overweight, lazy person who smokes and eats all day, you can still be the fittest person in the world.

It's all about what's in your head.

If you believe that you're just that overweight, lazy person, then you will only build and maintain consistency in this undesired direction.

However, if you believe you're in great shape and that you're extremely fit, you'll be able to consistently work on building up habits that make this a reality.

Whether it's eating healthier, going to the gym, etc.

Now that we understand where consistency comes from, how are we able to build up this consistency in our own lives and businesses?

Before we're able to build up consistency, we must learn to tame our inner human flaws.

The path of least resistance states that humans tend to do things that require the least friction to do.

It's easier to sit at home and eat, instead of change, go outside, walk to the gym, get all sweaty, change again, walk back home, shower, etc.

We may be able to give something a try, but once we encounter failure, all will to carry on is lost, and we're driven back into our lazy selves once again.

We must learn that in order to be the best and reach the pinnacle of success that we're looking to reach, we must first understand how failure will be an inevitable part of our journey.

No successful person or prodigy reached their position without failure.

Apple almost closed down before it finally became the largest company in the world.

We must learn to turn consistency into an attractive habit that only pushes us closer to our ultimate vision.

When we start to see our inherent laziness as a barrier, a place where our visions die rather than seeing it as a comfortable and ideal place to be, we turn away from it.

So now we can understand how to build up the consistency needed to reach our ultimate goals and visions.

What is the vision?

Why Consistency Is Key In Business

So what is the vision anyways?

What are we ultimately trying to do?

Do we want to build the next Apple, the next Amazon, do we want to become extremely wealthy entrepreneurs and philanthropists? 

I've previously written an article about vision boards which may be crucial to this first step.

We must understand what we're trying to become - the vision board will help us reinforce this in times of uncertainty.

Like I mentioned earlier, the vision, who you want to be, is the most important thing in building the consistency to do it.

All of us are consistent at something.

If you don't agree with this, then you may just be consistent at the wrong thing - be that laziness, sleeping, eating unhealthy, and so on.

When you understand your vision, you'll understand where consistency needs to drive you towards.

Right now, you might feel lost, like there is nowhere you're going.

A vision sets you on a path and gives you a light that guides you through the darkness.

Become who you want to be

Why Consistency Is Key In Business

The second step is to become the person you're looking to become.

How is this person different from who you are right now?

What do they do differently?

I've spoken about this at length in this article here.

Usually, the person you want to be has certain skills, traits, and qualities that your current self does not.

You must identify these and start consistently working towards developing these qualities.

in order to do this, however, you must believe you're already the person you want to be.

Our minds are incredibly powerful - they can materialize whatever you feed them.

 Although corny, it's true that you can do anything you set your mind to.

If the mind is able to think of something, then that thing is not unworldly.

There's a reason we can't think or even begin to comprehend divine beings - our brains are not powerful enough for that.

However, anything else our brain can see and imagine is possible.

Once you set a vision, you'll want to identify the sort of person you must be, the person capable of bringing this grand vision to life.

Sit down and think of the traits or qualities that this person has and start to see yourself in this life.

Once you start believing it, you're not far from achieving it.

What is your WHY?

Why Consistency Is Key In Business

Along the way, it's still possible to lose motivation and sight of the path you're looking to reach.

So it's important to set some more parameters in place that will help steer you back on track when all seems lost.

One of the most important things is your WHY.

I've also written an article about developing a powerful WHY.

The reason you want to become the person you've outlined, the reason your vision must become a reality.

Without strong reasoning, you'll be a lot more likely to slip back into your old consistent inconsistencies.

Without this powerful WHY, you'll be a lot more likely to scurry back to safety when you experience failure a few times.

The WHY will act, again, as the factor that keeps you pushing even when all hope seems gone.

One of my favorite entrepreneurs and speakers, Simon Sinek, has a book called 'Start With Why.'

The book is a great starting point for someone who doesn't yet understand 'why' they really want to do what it is they want to do.

I recommend reading this book to gain clarity and context on your vision.

Keep the vision in mind

Why Consistency Is Key In Business

Now we've managed to think of a vision, we know the sort of person we must be to bring this vision to life, and we've even reinforced these things with a powerful WHY that will trump any and every thought of giving up.

I'd say we're 80% of the way there.

There's not much left to do other than walk the rigid and rocky path towards that vision.

The path is bumpy and full of distractions looking to prey on weak souls.

It's important that you keep everything we've gone through in mind as you venture on this path.

As we've mentioned before these steps, it's important to understand that these barriers and failures will always be present.

What's more important is the will to keep going.

Focus not on the current moment, but on the vision you're looking to ultimately bring to life.

John C Maxwell claims that the pain of discipline and the pain of regret are two unavoidable pains.

Whilst one pain, the pain of discipline, is more desirable, the pain of regret is painful as it brings forth the realization that you could have done so much more when you were given the chance to.

Although I've argued that discipline is an undesired state to be in since it will never be a long-term strategy for success, it's important to have all odds stacked in your favor.

Consistency will breed results if you let it.

What have you learnt from this article?

Do you think consistency is an important quality to have as an entrepreneur?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Till next time,



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