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How To Start A Blog For Free In A Day [& Make Money From It]

How To Start A Blog For Free In A Day [& Make Money From It]
How To Start A Blog For Free In A Day 

Starting a blog on the side can be a great way to build up a small side hustle.

Whether you're working full time, running a business, or even just studying, blogging consistently can yield surprising results given the time and effort it needs.

Starting my blog, I wasn't sure if blogging was something I would do for a long time.

Hence, I looked for ways to start for completely free, knowing that once I get bored of the concept of blogging, I would quit like I had done with YouTube, growing Instagram pages, and more.

I've never been a content type of guy, I feel like it takes too much effort to create, and the deferred gratification makes it difficult to stick with.

After over 70 days of consistently blogging daily, I have come to realise that blogging is something I should have started sooner.

There are many benefits to blogging and I think anyone with a voice and an opinion should have a blog or an outlet to express those opinions through.

The world needs to learn from each other's experiences, in a time where we're so socially disconnected, it's important to have people bring us together again.

That's why in this article, I wanted to share how you can start a blog for free within the next hour and make money from it.

Blogging is simple to do, doesn't require a lot of time compared to YouTube, for example, and can even help relieve stress.

In the past when I was at my lowest, writing was the system I used to manage my levels of stress and I want to share that possibility with you today!

So let's begin.

Start on Blogger

How To Start A Blog For Free In A Day [& Make Money From It]

Blogger is a Google-owned, Google-hosted platform that lets anyone start a blog on a topic that they enjoy.

But, before telling you all the benefits of Blogger, I wanted to start on a slightly different note.

I want to start by telling you what you can't do on Blogger.

Blogger doesn't let you collect your audience's emails. This is massive because it essentially stops you from building a real community around your blog.

When you collect emails, you're able to let people know when you write a new article for them to check out.

You're able to build a small group of fans who look forward to reading your content.

Unfortunately, to my knowledge at least, this is not something that Blogger currently supports.

On top of this, it could be difficult to get found on search engines, especially when you're on the free Blogspot domain.

This is because there are limited SEO capabilities available for you to leverage.

Now that we've got that out the way, why should you start a blog on blogger?

Blogger is a Google-hosted platform meaning you're able to start a blog for completely free, with no domain, no subscription, nothing.

All you do is create an account, and start sharing your story - it's really that simple.

For a new blogger looking to explore the possibility of building a side hustle, there is nothing better than Blogger.

You're able to start building something that can eventually be monetized without spending a dime.

The best part, and something I discovered yesterday, is that you're able to even add your own custom domain when you're finally ready for the step up.

This means that instead of having the link of your blog as:

',' you can set it to ''

In my case, my blog would go from: to, or whatever else I wanted.

This makes your article look more serious and professional, ranking better in the search engines too. 

You're able to set up a blogger account within minutes and be on your way to publishing your first article within a couple of hours.

This might sound scary to some, so this article on learning anything 10X faster should help.

Let's get to the fun part.

Post quality content, consistently

How To Start A Blog For Free In A Day [& Make Money From It]

Here is where we really need to knuckle down.

Creating a blog is pointless when there is no content to showcase on the blog.

It's important to remember that nothing good comes easy, you're going to need to make sure that you're posting good quality content regularly in order to stand a chance of growing a blog.

When I started, I challenged myself to write one article post every single day.

I understand that a lot of people are not going to have the same luxuries with time as I do.

You might have kids to take care of, a job to work in, a school to attend.

The important thing is not how much you post, it's how consistently you can stick to a schedule you set.

When you're able to build up consistency, no matter if it's once a week, once every two weeks, you're able to slowly develop a powerful habit.

Once the habit is developed, it'll be very hard to break free from that habit.

Reading the book, 'Atomic Habits,' I was able to pick up a valuable lesson about consistency.

The author, James Clear, mentioned how you should learn to forgive yourself for being inconsistent, but don't let it happen twice.

Let me tell you a little secret.

Since the inception of this blog, I've written 72 articles. However, I haven't actually written one article a day, I've missed about two or three days in the past 75 days.

Now the reason for that was out of my control, but I made sure it didn't happen twice in a row.

When you let your inconsistencies take over, you'll start slipping back into bad habits which eventually take over.

That's how you quit good things - you slip up once, you let it happen again, the habit of slipping up takes over until it's fully in control.

The more you post consistently, the better your results will be.

After 70 articles, I'm now starting to see 100+ views per day on my articles.

To begin with, I was hoping to get 10 views all together on my articles.

Once the flywheel started to kick in, the numbers just start exponentially increasing and there's no better feeling.

It's a great feeling to be able to see numbers increasing day by day.

What's best is the capability to share your own perspective with the world.

Sharing your opinions with the world and knowing there are people who value that is priceless.

Now we've got consistency out the way, let's focus on the quality of the content.

You'll want to make sure that your articles are long-form as this will help you rank better on Google.

I try to write between 1500-2000 word articles every day, however, more recently, my articles have been surpassing this effortlessly.

Find a schedule that you can force yourself to stick to.

Once a week is a great starting point.

When you ease yourself into the habit of writing, it'll be a lot easier to develop.

Starting in the deep end with one article a day might not be the smartest option, but if you think you're up for it, by all means, go ahead.

At some point, it might feel like you're running out of content.

That's when this article on coming up with blog post ideas comes in handy, it'll ensure you never run out of content. Ever.

Use referral/affiliate links

How To Start A Blog For Free In A Day [& Make Money From It]

Here's the really fun part!

You're able to monetize your blog before you're ever able to run Google ads on it.

You don't need thousands of viewers per month, you don't even need 100s of viewers.

With this method, you're able to make money from your blog from the first visitor that ever visits your blog.

There are a few ways of doing this.

The first is by simply linking to products on Amazon.

For example, I've read a bunch of books and have enjoyed quite a lot of them.

I've decided to share those books in two separate articles, along with other places on my blog.

The first article talks about my favorite book ever - the one I recommend every entrepreneur reads.

The second article is about 5 books entrepreneurs must read to be successful.

This is a great way to monetize things you don't own yourself.

The simplest way to start is, again, by starting to link to things from Amazon.

Another way you can do this is by checking if the services or products you use regularly have an affiliate program.

For example, when I used to run my marketing agency, I used Skillshare to learn about the marketing agency business model.

Therefore, when I made content about building a marketing agency, I linked out to Skillshare.

It's not as easy as just copying and pasting the site's link.

You need to find the affiliate program section on their site and register for it.

Once you're accepted, you're able to start using the affiliate links they give you around your posts.

It's important not to spam your links around - your best bet is going to be writing genuine content and linking back to these things whenever possible.

This is the fastest way to make money from your blog.

 Another way of finding affiliate links will be to use sites like Clickbank.

Clickbank is the largest aggregation of affiliate programs where you're able to find a ton of products to promote.

You can manage everything and all your affiliated programs from within Clickbank itself.

Finally, something I tend to do often is linking back to my own businesses.

For example, you might see that I mention Hawk Prospecting a lot.

Hawk Prospecting is my own SaaS prospecting software that is built for agency owners and salespeople alike.

This is great for two reasons - one you're able to build brand awareness and get people checking out your business.

Two, you're able to build up SEO by getting backlinks to your business.

Eventually, you're able to start courses, create your own high-ticket service, and also advertise it through your blog.

Many authors also use their blogs as a way to build an audience to release their books to.

Those were just a few ways of monetizing your blog. 

Of course, there are some more ways, but those are all things you can start doing today in order to earn money immediately.

Share your viewpoint to the world

How To Start A Blog For Free In A Day [& Make Money From It]

No matter how good you think your blogs are, you're not going to get found on Google as quickly as you'd like.

In fact, on a Blogspot domain, it's likely that you won't get found on Google for quite a while.

Till now, I'm not exactly sure if my articles are ranking for any keywords or topics.

Not to worry - it's not the end of the world.

My analytics at the start of my blogging journey were very poor, I struggled to get 10 views a day.

However, from everything I've done and the steps I've shared with you, I'm now starting to see some good growth coming in.

Before you start advertising your blog around the internet (for free), you're going to want to make sure that your articles are ready.

It's very simple, make sure that your articles are linking back to relevant posts from your blog.

For example, if you're writing about dropshipping, and you've talked about the dropshipping process previously, you'll want to find a relevant way to link that into your article.

You're doing this to ensure that people who end up on your blog also go around to read more of your content.

The more they read, the more they'll like your content, the better your retention, the better Google will rank you.

Once you've made sure that your articles are linking back to relevant things on the blog, you'll then want to start sharing it.

Here are a few ways I've found that have been very helpful.


Depending on your niche, Pinterest is going to work better or worse.

For me, Pinterest is not the main source of traffic - since Pinterest is a great way to share visual designs, you're not able to leverage its full potential for entrepreneurial or business content.

However, if your niche is beauty, make-up, home decor, etc, then you're going to be able to find a lot more success on Pinterest.


LinkedIn works pretty well for me.

Since LinkedIn is a social network for professionals, my articles can resonate a lot better with that audience.

LinkedIn has its own 'Articles' section where you can copy and paste your articles there.

LinkedIn also has its own SEO and ranking capabilities in search engines so it's a great way to rank your articles in the beginning.

On top of this, when you share your articles on your timeline, you can grow a little following, people might start sharing your content, and you'll be able to grow that way too.


Forums are a great place to share your articles.

I recently started sharing my articles around on Reddit, however, before this, I leveraged things like Quora groups.

Quora groups have been one of the best ways of growing my viewership for my blog.

All you need to do is join relevant groups and share your articles when you write them.

Don't just copy and paste your link.

You can either write a quick description and share your link, or like LinkedIn, just copy and paste your articles into the Quora groups.

The second option is a lot better because people will be able to read your articles within the groups instead of taking the extra step to press a link and go to a new site.

Those are some of the ways you can advertise your blog and get organic traffic.

Till today, I haven't spent a dime on ads, and you don't need to as well.

Make it official

How To Start A Blog For Free In A Day [& Make Money From It]

Once you've written a lot of articles and realised that this is something you're probably going to keep doing, it's time to really make this official.

Like I mentioned in the first step, Blogger allows you to buy your own custom domain.

This is cool because a domain costs only a few dollars for the first year.

This allows you to post content on your own domain, look more professional, and rank better in the search engines.

The only issue, and one I'm figuring out, is the links you've already shared around your articles and the internet as a whole will now need to redirect to your new domain.

Once you start growing your blog, you may want to transition into something more serious than just a one-(wo)man band.

You'll want to bring in a small team to help you manage and share your blogs.

You'll want to start running adverts on your blog to monetize it through AdSense.

You may even want to take your blog and move it over to something like WordPress.

This enables you to add plugins and improve the overall capabilities of your blog.

You're able to collect emails, add pop-ups, and so much more.

You may want to take a look at this article on turning your side hustle into a full-fledged business.

Until then, just start and keep posting.

That's how to start a blog for free in a day & make money from it.

Did you find this article valuable?

If so, please comment below and share this article with your network, let's impact more lives.

Till next time,



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