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The 6 Essential Steps To Creating Killer Product Messaging

The 5 Essential Steps To Creating Killer Product Messaging

The 6 Essential Steps To Creating Killer Product Messaging

Imagine that you're in need of software that helps you find the contact information of your prospects so you can contact them.

You search the internet and you come across something that seems promising.

Taking a look over their site, you're immediately confused with what they do.

"Combining powerful technology to find people that matter."

This is just an example - but what does that even mean?

You keep scrolling, and the confusion only gets worse, and you feel the headache building up in your head.

The messaging is so bad that you just decide to leave the product and go looking for another one.

After all, you're not even sure if that product solves your problems or does what you're looking for.

Little did you know, that product is the most powerful prospect-finding tool in the market - however, you just missed it because you couldn't understand what it does.

That is what bad messaging does.

It leads to lost opportunities.

A lot of them too.

Product messaging seems to be something very small and meaningless.

What could a few words on my page do, right? It can't have a drastic change on my business, so let's just ignore it.

This sort of ignorance will cost you your business.

Although rare, some landing pages can convert close to 50% of the people who visit it.

That means for every 2 people who visit your website, 1 of them will end up subscribing or signing up.

However, when the product messaging on your landing page is terrible and doesn't make sense, then your landing page may not even convert at all.

Let's say that a bad landing page converts at 5%.

For every 100 people who come on your site, 5 of those people sign-up.

Now let's say that this is for something, a subscription that costs £99/m.

From these 100 people, you have made £495/mo extra.

Now, what if your landing page converted at 10%?

That would mean that your conversion rate doubles.

With double the conversion rate, you're now making £990/mo extra from every 100 people, rather than only £495/mo.

Now, what if your landing page converted at 20%?

Again, this is 4X the conversion, meaning for every 100 visitors, you're adding £1980/mo in extra MRR.

That is the power that product messaging has.

That is why, in this article, we're going to be discussing product messaging and how to create killer product messaging for your business.

For a new business, similar to Hawk Prospecting, product messaging is something you're going to have to work on.

This article is going to outline everything you need to know about crafting killer product messaging.

Identify your target audience

The 5 Essential Steps To Creating Killer Product Messaging

Your target audience is the segment in the market that you're going to be serving with your product.

For example, my SaaS business, Hawk Prospecting, helps agency owners and salespeople.

Since the product is very new, I am currently focusing on small marketing agencies as early adopters for the product.

Depending on how recent your product is, you'll want to be as targeted as possible.

The more targeted your audience is, the better it is for you and your messaging because you'll be able to directly call them out in the messaging.

In Hawk Prospecting's case, it's a lot more beneficial to say 'Grow your agency...' rather than 'Grow your business...'.

This simple, subtle change can yield much better conversions for your specific audience.

However, the issue here would be that any other potential users of your business will not be able to relate to the 'agency' part of your messaging, and so may not sign up for it.

It's a great way to jump-start your business, but as you scale, you may want to have broader messaging.

Simply identify the audience your product will be serving for step 1.

You should already know this as it's important to first know your audience before building a solution for them.

Understand their pain points

The 5 Essential Steps To Creating Killer Product Messaging

The next stage, step 2, is to go a step further and understand your target audience a little further.

Businesses are built to serve a specific purpose - solving problems.

The money is simply a byproduct of your products or services solving these problems.

With this, it's important that you understand the target audience's pain points.

  • What does your target audience do in their day-to-day life?
  • Where in their lives do they face the biggest challenges?
  • How pressing is this challenge(s) they face?
  • Do more people suffer from this challenge? 
  • How do they currently solve these challenges?

The best way to go about understanding your target audience's issues is by speaking with them.

For Hawk Prospecting, I owned a marketing agency for 7/8 months and so I know the pain points that this audience faces with prospecting.

You would still need to talk to more of your audience just to validate this pain point, however.

Find your target audience on LinkedIn, Facebook groups, Slack channels, or other platforms and reach out to them with a short and sweet message.

You can use this as a starting point:

"[Name], saw that you're [personalise]. I've actually built [product that does X & Y]" and would love to learn about my target audience to see how I can better serve them.

Would you be open to helping me with a few questions? It should take a couple minutes only. Thanks, Mohamad."

Personalise this message to fit your business, product, and stage of your product.

If you've already built the product then you can use this, if you're doing research to build a product, you should say that you're working on building a product.

Learn as much as possible about your audience and find the most pressing problems or challenges they face that your product solves.

Using these in your product messaging will yield great results.

Agency owners and salespeople face a big problem - not being able to find contact information on qualified prospects.

Therefore, Hawk Prospecting makes it easy and fast to find a bunch of contact information on your prospects through our database of over 2.5 billion+ prospects.

How your solution solves these problems

The 5 Essential Steps To Creating Killer Product Messaging

Chances are that the issue you're looking to solve already has some products or services out there that promise to make the life of your target audience easier.

The reason people will flock to a certain business or product is that it promises to solve this problem that the market faces.

People are fueled by wanting things instantly - it's called immediate gratification.

That's why Amazon is so big - imagine being able to buy anything you could ever want and it arrives the same day or the day after.

That is extremely valuable, and so people continuously go to shop on Amazon for this reason along with many other reasons too.

So now that you know your target audience, you know their problem and the pain points this audience face, you will want to start thinking about how your product or service will help them combat this.

Agency owners have these problems:

  • Hard to build a consistent prospecting system
  • Hard to get in touch with decision-makers who are interested in their products/services
  • Spend too much time prospecting, with little results

Therefore, Hawk Prospecting is a solution in this case.

Hawk Prospecting helps agency owners (and salespeople) build fast and predictable prospecting systems that they can rely on consistently.

With the largest B2B database of over 2.5 Billion+ prospects, Hawk Prospecting helps agencies and salespeople reach decision makes easier than ever before.

You're able to saves 100s, even thousands of hours per month prospecting using Hawk Prospecting.

This is what a product or service should do - solve the problems your audience faces.

From there, it's all about how well you communicate this to your audience.

Identify benefits your solution brings to them

The 5 Essential Steps To Creating Killer Product Messaging

You might have heard the saying 'people buy with emotions, then justify with logic.'

This is very important for our product messaging.

Human emotions are extremely powerful, so it only makes sense to target your audience's emotions when you're selling them a product or service.

To target emotions, you simply solve the issues that are most important to them.

This is what we've outlined above.

However, we have not yet logically justified their decisions.

Some people may go on your website, read your messaging at the top of the page and see that you help them with a specific problem.

From here, some will stay and sign up for your product or service.

A lot of them will just leave.

However, there will be a good chunk of them who will want to learn a little more and get a bit more confluence before they make a decision.

This is where they're logically looking to justify their buying decision.

To make sense logically, you need to outline the features and benefits of your products and services.

Tell a story with your product messaging.

Your unique selling point and value propositions should be the first thing your audience reads.

We will cover these in the next point.

As your audience scrolls down the page, they'll want to read a story of how your product will solve their problems.

Take a look at Hawk Prospecting's landing page here.

It's by no means perfect, but it gets people signing up.

There is still a lot we can add, a lot we can change, to increase our conversion rates.

However, logically, we have quite a lot on there that should make the right audience sign up.

We have reviews, we have features and benefits.

We could add comparisons and why we're better than other solutions, saying it directly.

People will be able to read things like '2.5 Billion+ prospects' but they won't know what to compare this to.

How much does the competition have? Is this higher, lower?

On top of this, what does having '2.5 Billion+ prospects' do for the audience?

We could add something like 'so you're able to find 10X more decision-makers than any other platform.'

You'll want to clearly outline why your solution is better than the rest.

You'll want to show some people who have authority in the space speaking about your product - this is something we don't currently have since we're very new.

All of this will logically reinforce the fact that your product or service is worth trying out.

Your unique selling point

The 5 Essential Steps To Creating Killer Product Messaging

In business, we're taught that businesses win when they have a differentiating factor, something that makes them 10X better than the alternatives.

When I ran Condensr, there was nothing that really made us 10X better.

It's really hard to make a 10-min book summary 10X better than any other summary out there.

On top of this, book summaries, or books in general are all interpreted in different ways.

therefore, it would be hard to capture all of this in a 10-min summary.

I tried as hard as I could to think of ways to differentiate ourselves, but it wasn't working.

I couldn't find anything strong enough to build our product off of.

Everything we came up with came down faster than a flawed rocket launching to space.

We quickly discovered that everything we had worked on was already something the market offered.

Competition is an abstract topic in business - there's never a simple answer to it.

Should you start a business when there is this much competition?

Should you start a business when there are massive, established companies already in the market?

Either way, as long as your business can communicate its unique selling point, you have a good chance of success.

What makes you different from other businesses doing the same thing?

How will you solve the problem of your audience in a better, unique way?

Your unique selling point should follow a certain structure.

[Business name] helps [audience] with [transformation] by [differentiator].

For example, 'Hawk Prospecting helps agencies & salespeople supercharge their sales pipelines with qualified decision-makers, using the largest database covering 2.5 Billion+ prospects.'

This is a powerful unique selling point.

Agencies and salespeople value their pipeline a lot - a full pipeline, means they're going to be able to put food on the table.

'Qualified decision-makers' means that they're going to be able to get in contact directly with those able to give them a yes or no. This is a lot better than going through a gatekeeper, for example.

The 'largest database covering 2.5 Billion+ prospects' is a strong differentiator because it shows that they'll be able to find a lot more prospects than any other platform.

Another example would be, 'Hawk Prospecting helps agencies & salespeople supercharge their sales pipelines with emails, numbers, and social media of 2.5 billion+ prospects.'

Similar principles, to the previous example, but different differentiator as the focus point.

Instead of making the 2.5 Billion+ prospects the differentiator, we're using the fact that we share more information than most other platforms that only give you emails, for example.

Spend some time thinking through how you're going to write your unique selling point or value proposition.

Keep iterating

The 5 Essential Steps To Creating Killer Product Messaging

Finally, in order to successfully create killer product messaging, you need to keep iterating.

You're not going to get it on the first go.

You're not going to get it on the third go.

You're not going to get it on the tenth go.

Heck, you're not even going to get it on your 100th go.

Large companies spend millions and millions a month on their messaging.

They're constantly updating their sites, their ads, their social media to see what works best.

What messaging results in the highest conversions.

If you're just starting out and it feels like your product is not converting, just keep at it.

Keep iterating.

You never know how close you are to the grand breakthrough that will change your life.

Put it like this, a SaaS business that costs £99/m only needs 85 paying users to build a 6-figure business.

Similarly, when you're at this stage, it only requires 842 paying users to build a million-dollar business.

You're so much closer to realizing your goals than you think.

One day, you're going to be sitting on the balcony in your house on the hills, happy that you decided to not give up because your product was not converting.

It takes some people over 10 years of school, and work to end up close to a 6-figure job.

It can take you a few months, maybe a year with a good product and the right messaging, and strategy.

Even if you don't have marketing dollars, here's an article you can leverage to grow a business for free.

Keep at it, keep iterating, keep playing.

One day, everything you've consistently done will pay off.

The consistency compounds and builds a staggering flywheel that can't be stopped.

And it all starts here. It all starts with some words on a site, words in your ads, words in your messaging.

Have you found this article to be helpful?

If so, please comment below your thoughts and what you'd like to read next.

Don't forget to share this with others who could find value in this article.

Till next time,



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