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How *Anyone* Can Be Rich In 2021 [Simple Foolproof Guide]

How *Anyone* Can Be Rich In 2021 [Simple Foolproof Guide]

How Anyone Can Be Rich In 2021

135 years ago was when the first automobile was invented.

This revolutionised how we travel forever.

Thousands of years before that, humans only knew horses as the most efficient form of transport.

Not long ago, trading or investing in the stock markets was not easily accessible to everyone in the world.

In order to take part in the stock market, you had to contact a stockbroker and place your order.

The stockbroker was then tasked with searching for someone to match and take your trade.

Only when this long process happened is when you were officially invested in the stock market.

Compare this to what we have today.

There are tens maybe hundreds of brokers, hundreds of apps out there for us to use for investing and trading.

All it takes today is a few clicks and you're in the markets.

Investing and making money has never been this easy before.

People finally had the chance to slow down and realise how the world is really working.

Opportunity is everywhere, we've only been programmed to blindly follow the status quo.

With the power of social media, you can be anyone you want.

You can be a celebrity on social media.

You can be an entertainer on YouTube.

You can be a writer on blogs.

You can be an investor in the stock markets.

You can be a superhero on gaming consoles.

Years ago, it would take months or even years to code a website and launch it on the search engines available.

Today, you can create and publish your site within an afternoon.

Technology has grown at an alarming rate, creating new opportunities every single day for those looking for them.

It doesn't take a lifetime of working hard and saving in order to live your dreams.

There are thousands of people, many extremely young, making a fortune on social media.

It's hard to believe we'd be living in a world like this some time ago.

If you think you're being left behind, fear not because we are only at the start of this technological world.

There are still millions of ideas left undiscovered which will be available eventually and integrated into our current world.

When you think about it, public access to this mysterious machine called a 'computer' was not normal a while ago.

Today, every household has access to the internet, a computer, and/or a laptop.

So how do you capitalise on this opportunity staring us in the face?

How can you become rich in 2021 and create everlasting wealth for generations to come?

Start now

How *Anyone* Can Be Rich In 2021 [Simple Foolproof Guide]

Whether it's fear of starting or just an overload of options, you have to make sure you start now.

Making the decision to get started as soon as possible will be the best decision you'll make.

Mitigating your risks has never been so easy - there are many businesses that don't need a massive upfront investment today.

When the pandemic first started, Shopify was offering a 90-day trial for people to get on their platform.

In order to start an e-commerce store, you didn't have to invest anything upfront.

As soon as someone placed an order in your store, you'd pay the supplier and the transaction happens without your interference.

To start a clothing brand today, you don't need to order 100s of pieces of clothing.

All you have to do is create the designs and advertise them.

With the power of print on demand, you don't need to hold any inventory. 

You may know how to take good pictures.

You can become a freelance photographer for free.

All you need is a phone.

Everyday dreams are coming true, you just have to be brave enough to try make yours come true too.

Learn new skills

How *Anyone* Can Be Rich In 2021 [Simple Foolproof Guide]

This may be difficult for some people to process.

After all, most of us have been led to believe that the 9-5 is the only way to a good life.

Schools and universities make us specialise in a certain field from a young age.

During year 9, our school made us choose 3 subjects to study along with mathematics, English and religious education.

Later during sixth form (college), we had to choose only 3 subjects to pursue.

I had chosen Mathematics, economics and sociology.

In economics, we're told about the benefits of specialising in one thing and how it can boost productivity.

Finally, during university, we're only given the choice to choose one subject to study.

Things such as medicine and law.

Our parents are only proud of us for getting into university but are not proud when we say I want to start my own business.

The truth is we all have 24 hours in a day.

These 24 hours should not be restricted to only doing a particular thing.

We should have the freedom to work on something meaningful, something that can give you real freedom like no job ever could.

On the side of your job or studies, you can always start learning something new.

You can learn mathematics and English by writing blogs.

You can learn physics and business development simultaneously.

You can learn about web development and be a part-time podcast host.

Platforms like Skillshare enable you to learn new skills quickly.

We have been told that the only way to be efficient is to specialise in a given field.

They do not tell you what happens when your field is no longer needed due to advancements in technology.

To get rich, you don't do so by working the same job for 50 years and then retire with a few million in the bank only paying off your care home bills.

To get rich, you learn skills that make you more money than you could ever imagine.

One skill I've learnt is social media marketing.

Every business will need to adapt to the online landscape and so social media marketing will always be a skill that is required.

Designers will always be needed too.

As social media grows, brands need to differentiate themselves and be more active with their audience.

They will need designers and social media managers to take care of their brand image.

All you have to do is start small - go on Canva and design things to build a portfolio.

Change your mindset

How *Anyone* Can Be Rich In 2021 [Simple Foolproof Guide]

Your mind is your most powerful asset.

The problem is that most human beings are always inferior to their minds.

We're constantly in a state of stress, worry or anxiety and so we are not able to leverage the power we've been given.

Once you master your mindset, you're already 80% of the way there.

You need to learn to change what you've been told about the world and making money.

This will be a constant back and forth battle and for a long time, you'll feel like you're on the losing side.

There are many lies you've been programmed to believe about how money works and flows

  • Your financial situation is dictated by how you're born: If you're born into a poor or low class family, you'll stay this way forever.
This is a massive lie and one difficult to overcome.

This tends to lead to self-fulfilling prophecies where people start believing that their financial future is predetermined by how they're born and so they stay that way forever.
  • To earn a lot, you have to work a lot: Earning has no (real) correlation with how much you work.
There are thousands of people who work a few hours a day, even a week and earn 100s of thousands a year.

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, gets paid almost $250,000,000 per year.

Does this mean he works 3571 times more or harder than someone earning $70,000 per year?

That would be impossible.

You need to learn that what you earn is directly correlated to the value you bring to the world.
This money can land in anyone's hands at any given time.

If we were to give an equal amount to everyone in the world, we would each have $4779.

This is more than a miracle for millions of people out there in the world.

Money is not what we lack - time and knowledge are more scarce than money itself.
  • Money doesn't solve problems: A very controversial topic, but a true mindset change nonetheless.
A simple Google search will tell you that a lot of domestic problems between couples are rooted in monetary issues.

Although money may not be the solution to a lot of things in the world, it can definitely make millions of problems go away.

There are a plethora of other beliefs we've been wired to believe which would take weeks to recall and explain.

If you truly want to make a difference in your life, get a piece of paper and list out the beliefs you have about money and ask yourself if they're really true.

Own multiple streams of income

How *Anyone* Can Be Rich In 2021 [Simple Foolproof Guide]

The average millionaire has seven streams of income.

You can go on YouTube and see what some people are doing in order to grow these different streams.

What you'll notice however, is that not each stream makes a lot of money.

Whilst one stream may make the majority, the other streams would be adding small amounts of income on a monthly basis.

These are still very important to have.

Imagine you had a side-hustle that made you $20 extra per day.

That is $7300 per year on top of what you already earn.

Now imagine you have another stream making you $80 extra per day.

That is $29,200 extra per year.

What if you're able to build a few of these side-hustles over a few years?

What would be different about your life? 

What could you do with all this extra income?

Wealthy people don't have multiple income streams to make a lot of money.

They have these streams so that they are not reliant on one source of income.

This is what school teaches - get a job and work forever.

They don't teach you about building more streams.

The best part about these income streams is some of them can be automatable meaning you don't have to pour your blood and sweat into them.

Things such as investing, real estate, e-commerce stores can be built to a level where you just oversee the whole process.

This is what CEOs do.

Put yourself in a CEO position and your life will change.

Have you learnt something new in this blog?

Let me know below!

Share this with friends or family who will benefit from it.

Till next time,


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