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11 Best Passive Income Ideas To Generate $1000+ Per Month [& Build Long-Term Wealth]

11 Best Passive Income Ideas To Generate $1000+ Per Month Building streams of passive income is a dream a lot of people would love to have. Imagine sitting at home, sleeping, going out all day, and doing everything you love all day while earning money in the back. Unfortunately, the world's perception of passive income is flawed - most 'passive income' ideas are not really passive. How does this make sense? A passive stream of income, by definition, is a source of revenue that can operate completely without your intervention . A lot of the ideas you may read about on other blogs or find on YouTube require some level of intervention. There are only a few *real* passive income streams one can use to generate wealth without needing your intervention. In this article, we're talking about the 11 best passive income ideas to generate $1000 or more per month and build long-term wealth. A lot of these ideas will require upfront work, however, I'm going to explain how a
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5 Key Elements Of A Successful NFT Collection [Does Your NFT Project Have These?]

5 Key Elements Of A Successful NFT Collection While starting and launching an NFT collection might seem simple, there's a lot more to it than what meets the eye. It's not as simple as creating some layers, piling them up, then selling them. A lot of education and learning must be done throughout in order to get the process right. Many NFT collections fail because the founders overlook key elements and factors that are vital for the project's success. Founders often perceive this as nothing more than a short-term gig that'll make them a quick buck. Running an NFT collection is a lot like running a business . Many business owners might find solace in the NFT industry due to the synergy between the two. When I started to pinpoint the similarities myself, I started to see how incredible this opportunity could be. In this article, I want to analyse 5 key elements of a successful NFT collection . Does your NFT project have these elements? Good artwork The artwork is the mai

6 Key Factors That Make A Massively Successful Business [Checklist For A Good Business Idea]

6 Key Factors That Make A Massively Successful Business Building a successful business that survives the 5-year failure window is very difficult . 99% of entrepreneurs fail to break past this barrier . What's even harder is building a massively successful business - the further up you go, the more competition you face, and the more stress one must endure. However, a lot of entrepreneurs believe they have really great business ideas that they must protect at all costs. They believe that anyone who stumbles on this pile of gold will become the world's next billionaire . Unfortunately, entrepreneurs are terrible at realistically sizing up their business idea or opportunity. In this article, I wanted to talk about 6 key factors entrepreneurs must consider that make a massively successful business. Here's a checklist you can use on your business idea to decide whether it has legs, or not.  Note: This article was heavily inspired by the book, Blitzscaling , by Reid Hoffman a

6 Powerful Tips For Entrepreneurs To Get Out Of A Rut They're Stuck In

6 Powerful Tips For Entrepreneurs To Get Out Of A Rut They're Stuck In No matter who you are, or how successful you might be, you've likely experienced what being in a rut feels like. No one likes the feeling of being in a rut - but it happens to everyone, especially entrepreneurs. We can go months, even years where everything simply feels like it's going against us. It can feel as though we're not making the progress we want to make , and we're not seeing the results we want to see. It's only natural to feel down and depressed afterward - but being stuck in a rut and not getting out can be a big problem, if we don't get out, we'll never be able to reach our goals . As someone who's experienced a terrible amount of failure over the few years I've been an entrepreneur, I've experienced, first hand, what it feels like to be stuck in a rut. It's not a great feeling at all - the overthinking, the depression, and the overall sad feeling , a